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5 Creative Ways to Use Your Learning Management System

MemberClicks Avatar MemberClicks August 15, 2022
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Learning management software was developed, as the name would suggest, to help organizations manage e-learning programs. They exist to administer, document, track, report, automate, and deliver online education…

…but who says that education has to be a part of a formal program entirely?

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The benefits of flexibility in an LMS

Flexibility is just one of the many things you should look for when shopping for an AMS, AND flexibility is really of the main benefits of an online system. An LMS is really just the bones for creating courses, sharing information and tracking member progress. A flexible learning management system can be used for SO much more than a traditional online learning program alone.

What you do with that… it’s really up to you.

These are our top 5 ways to use an LMS beyond the traditional.

1. Professional growth and career development

If you’re working toward the growth of your industry or community, facilitating professional growth through a learning management system just makes sense. Professional development and career progressions is one of the main reasons people join associations. Tap into that desire and help your members learn!

This could be as formal as a credentialing program, or as informal as a members-only resource for resume, cover letter and interview best practices. Tie it to a dynamic job board on your website and you have yourself a bonafide online career hub!

2. Resource library

Your organization has expertise that people are seeking. You can use a learning management system to share videos, documents, interviews, etc in an on-demand fashion makes that expertise quick and easy to access.

This could go hand-in-hand with a formal online learning program or act as a standalone resource. Either way, it’s added value that your members (and potential members) are seeking!

3. Events and meetings

Virtual events are here to stay. A learning management system can not only be used to host an event, but also quickly flipped into an on-demand video recording of the event that attendees can access later. You could even charge non-attendees a small fee to view what they missed. (Hello, non-dues revenue!)

Now, this concept isn’t exclusive to big conferences and events. A learning management system could help with recurring committee or board meetings. Having a platform where you can simultaneously host and store information related to that committee (or the board, or membership group, etc.) will help keep everything organized and give the group a “home base” for all of their activity.

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4. Onboarding

New members, board members, staff — they all need onboarding to really get to know your organization. Bring their experience to the next level with an LMS-facilitated onboarding program! You can use recorded videos, lessons, ebooks, documents and more to create a virtual onboarding that rivals any in-person experience. Plus, they can come back and rewatch anything later on.

Using an LMS for onboarding also streamlines the whole process for you and your staff. One course, created one time, can be used over and over and over.

Looking for some tips on new member onboarding? Download our guide!

5. Membership growth

Building space for online membership engagement initiatives will strengthen the value of membership to begin with. Taking initiative to grow your member benefits shows that your organization is forward-thinking and wants to make its programs as accessible as possible! And, making some or all of it accessible by members only will give you even more benefits to talk about when recruiting new members.

BONUS VALUE: Non-Dues Revenue

All your programs and on-demand videos can be member-only content or accessible to non-members. Charge non-members a small fee to access some or all of your programs! Depending on the size of the program, you may have even more flexibility to try different pricing tiers. Plus, you can sell sponsorship of your courses for even more non-dues revenue.

Getting the most of your LMS

With a learning management system that can handle it all, a strategy developed to grow alongside your organization and a pinch of creativity, the possibilities for online member engagement are truly endless. 

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