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Complement your AMS with Registration Tech for events

Partnering with events large and small, our à la carte solutions allow you to build a personalized and memorable event experience for your members.


A2Z Events Registration Technology for events and meetings large and small

Registration Technology works with your MemberClicks AMS to streamline your event operations and enhance your member experiences, bringing you a complete view 
of your member engagement.


Streamline badge printing & check-in

Our badge printing system allows you to seamlessly import attendee data from various sources to guarantee a smooth and efficient badging and check-in process.


Understand engagement & participation

Attendance tracking enables your programing team to gain valuable insight into attendance data, providing a clear understanding of attendee behavior and preferences.

Simplify education and certifications

Simplify education and certifications

Tracking continuing education units with Assessments and Certifications eliminates time-consuming staff processes and enhances the value provided to your members.


Badge printing and check-in

Create an impactful first impression with branded badging.

  • Easily create badges with our easy-to-use badge builder, customizing fonts, font sizes, colors and data to create an attractive design
  • Customize your experience with options for kiosk check-in, 
on-site printing or Avery badges
  • Verify badges, make updates in real-time and minimize waste, misprints and reprints with badge preview screens


Attendance tracking

Measure the success of your courses and 
view trends with built-in reporting tools.

  • Streamline your badge scanning capabilities with our intuitive mobile app at your fingertips and robust reporting to back it up
  • Make every event and session seamless by leveraging detailed entry permissions, capacity limit notifications and scan summaries
  • Build custom reports to gain insight into session popularity with conditional logic allowing you to assess and improve content (and ROI) at future events


Assessments and Certifications

Online learning software can be used for more than member education. Think outside the box and use your 
LMS for more!

  • Automate delivery of your custom-designed certificates through survey participation, credit completion, quiz submission and more
  • Track CEUs with ease eliminating manual tracking efforts by assigning criteria based on attendee, session attendance, time in room and more
  • Impact your attendee experience and gather vital feedback with options for participants to view earned credits, take required surveys and download their certificates

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We loved the tools A2Z Registration Tech provided such as timelines, videos, trainings, etc. There were a lot of compliments from attendees & sponsors on the robust nature of Registration Tech compared to other companies.
Laura Nakoneczny, CAE, CPP Senior Account Executive NORDP

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