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How an LMS Can Benefit You, Your Members and Your Organization

Jennifer Cote Avatar Jennifer Cote August 17, 2022
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You may be familiar with the basic features and options for association learning management systems, and you might be thinking about investing in one for your organization. Now you’re probably asking yourself one of these questions:

Do I really need an LMS?

Can I really benefit from one?

How can an LMS really help my organization?

Not only can an LMS benefit your members, but it also adds value to your organization. Read on to explore these benefits and check out the 4 ways an LMS can absolutely benefit your organization.

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Looking for more about the basics of an LMS? We’ve got you covered. More resources about learning management systems are at the bottom of this blog.

How an LMS can benefit your organization

There are a lot of administrative, revenue, member benefits and practical reasons that you may be considering an LMS. But have you thought about all the ways that an LMS can actually help your organization?

Learning management systems are looked at as a purely member-focused benefit. That couldn’t be further from the truth. An LMS can be helpful for your organization to:

  • Organize member-only content
  • Drive non-dues revenue
  • Boost member engagement
  • Increase member data and understanding

Let’s dive a little deeper into benefits for your organization.

Learn more about your members

You can learn a lot of valuable information about what your members care about by what type of learning content they choose. Tracking what topics they want to learn can help you plan future events, speakers, and newsletter topics.

Plus, the great LMS programs have built-in reporting so you can track member engagement and participation really closely!

Bye-bye spreadsheets as organization tools

If you’re using a clunky and not-connected system of spreadsheets, Google docs, surveys, videos and calendars to manage your learning content, it’s time for an LMS. This type of system is time-consuming can makes space for things to slip through the tracks.

Upgrade to a centralized system for storing your digital educational materials. 

How an LMS can benefit your members

Of courses, learning opportunities really are for the benefit of your members. These include:

  • Personal development opportunities
  • Recognition of skills with certifications
  • Networking with teachers, coaches and other learners in their industry
  • Hard and soft skill development

Having certifications from a professional association or chamber looks great on resumes. Plus, learning is fun and enjoyable when you’re studying something you care about.

These benefits may seem “basic” but they’re huge for your members. Don’t underestimate the value an LMS brings to your organization.

4 ways an LMS can improve your organization

Now that you know how you and your members can benefit from an LMS, it’s time to look at the signs you’re ready for one.

1. Simplify the process of distributing and tracking certifications

Your association’s industry has several certifications available to help members with their career goals. You can help members achieve these certifications with built-out learning tracks! After all, one of the main functions of any association is to help members succeed, personally and professionally.

Doing this all by hand on a manual system can get really complicated as your organization grows. Investing in an LMS can automate this system, freeing up a lot of your staffs’ time.

Adding a learning platform to your membership benefits can be the additional benefit you need to optimize your members’ experience. 

2. Meet member needs

Professionals that join associations want to stay involved, in the know and on top of their games. Learning programs are an amazing way to keep up with industry trends, to boost hireability and to develop new skills.

Not sure if your members want an LMS?  Ask them! Use your next member needs survey to learn how they feel about you adding an LMS to your organization.

 3. Easy to scale and grow

An LMS is a scalable, flexible tool that can help you develop your future educational and membership management needs as you wish. A dedicated LMS will grow with your organization and adapt to your members’ evolving needs.  By having a software in place, growing is almost intuitive.  

4. Earn non-dues revenue

An LMS is a great way to earn non-dues revenue. You can charge non-members a fee to access specific learning resources, providing an additional non-dues revenue stream. You can also sell ad space or sponsorship opportunities for your courses as well! These extra earnings can help your LMS pay for itself.

Buildling an LMS program

Time to invest in an LMS

If you relate to any of these statements, it might be the perfect time to invest in a new association LMS. 

Before making your decision, be sure to meet with stakeholders, such as your board members and the staff members who will use the system regularly. Bringing them into the LMS conversation ensures that you’re keeping your top leadership in the loop while gaining feedback from the team members who will use the platform the most.

More Resources

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