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Membership management software to grow and engage Your members

Why do everything manually when you could automate it?
With automatic dues reminders, emails and member analytics, membership management can be this easy.

MemberClicks: Your all-in-one membership management solution

Membership database
Membership database icon

Membership database

An easy-to-use, flexible membership database that doesn’t take weeks to train new staff on. Get the database with membership health snapshots, easy reports and centralized activity data.

Personable member profiles
Personable member profiles icon

Personable member profiles

Customizable member profiles they can update with their own info. Set access permissions based on membership type, link individual profiles to organizations and track continuing education for all your members.

Membership applications
Membership applications icon

Membership applications

Craft membership applications with the info you need for your website. Applications automatically create profiles in your database with no extra work for you.

Our old software didn’t provide our members with the services they deserved and needed. We have a lot of different groups that meet and run programs and events. MemberClicks Professional gave us a better way for 
them to manage their own web pages within the 
website. Putting that power in the hands of select members is incredible.
Lori Haislip Virginia Recreation and Parks Society
One-click or automated renewals
One-click or automated renewals icon

One-click or automated renewals

Give your members more choices! Renewals with just ‘one click’ — or the ability for busy members to auto-renew. 

Automated dues reminders
Automated dues reminders icon

Automated dues reminders

Stop worrying about members lapsing. Get automated dues reminders — and follow-up emails for the members who forget!

Does your current membership management solution have these?

Automatically generated invoices icon

Automatically generated invoices

Take yourself out of the renewal workflow. Enjoy automatically generated invoices.

Loyalty rewards or discounts icon

Loyalty rewards or discounts

Reward lifetime member loyalty, give discounts or offer deals on renewals.

Powerful analytics

Powerful analytics

Track everything! Get data however any way you need for easy reporting.

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