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Chamber of Commerce Membership Software

MemberClicks’ chamber management tools help you 
deepen member connections, boost renewal rates and grow revenue–so you can increase your impact.

Building stronger networks and empowering members

Engaged members are critical — but how do you grab (and keep) their attention? Empower them to connect in ways that fit their busy lives.


MemberClicks: Your all-in-one chamber of commerce solution

Create lifelong relationships between members, drive event revenue, streamline admin tasks and more with the software that clicks.

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Build with chambers of commerce in mind

Only on Trade

Build an ecommerce site

Adding value to your members, your community and your budget.

  • Promote members’ products and services
  • Encourage local buying and shopping
  • Earn non-dues revenue from members and nonmembers alike


Customized member experiences

WOW members—new and existing—with features built for them.

  • Build and customize your chamber website
  • Members-only content including directories and member profiles
  • Personalize emails and other member communications


Build memberships that last

Empower your members to grow with tools perfect for member development.

  • Provide added member value with add-on products including 
Job Board and Classroom LMS
  • Plan, promote and run events for members and nonmembers alike
  • Track and monitor membership trends with built-in reports

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Explore how MemberClicks can help your chamber grow

Our team can explore your needs and show you the features MemberClicks has to help your chamber be successful.

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Get in touch to learn more about MemberClicks - software designed for the unique needs of associations, chambers and nonprofits.

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Membership Software that Clicks for Your Needs

Get in touch to learn more about MemberClicks - software designed for the unique needs of  associations, chambers and nonprofits. If you’re looking to create a better member experience, save staff time and reduce costs, let us match you with the perfect tools today!