Association members consult a collection of job search strategies on a chalkboard to determine the best way to build an application form.

First impressions can last a lifetime. That’s why you’ve taken great care to ensure your association website will win over future members. From having a section dedicated to information on the various membership levels to a prominent “Join Now” button on every page, you’re a pro. Then, just when it’s time for your prospective members to join your association, it’s time for them to tackle the membership form.

Member association forms are one of the first contact points for new members with your association, so it’s essential to make it a good one. Will your future member follow through and complete the form? If you capture the right information, this could be the start of a beautiful, lasting relationship. After all, this is one of the first opportunities you have to get usable and clear data for your association database

The best membership forms strike the perfect balance between ease for your end user and the correct information for your association’s use. Not sure where to start? See these association membership form samples below to get some ideas for your site.

2. Nevada Restaurant Association – Comprehensive Contact Information

Nevada Restaurant Association homepage, showing their logo, header menu, and an image of a person cooking.
Nevada Restaurant Association application form that includes contact fields for Organization name, website, full address, phone, fax, and email contact.

For the perfect membership form, it’s best to start with the basics. Gather as much contact information as possible without going overboard. Make sure to collect your new member’s name, phone number, email and address. Then, don’t forget to ask how your new member would like to be contacted so you can reach out in the best way possible. As an added tip, you’ll want to make sure the form is accessible on your website. The fewer the clicks to complete, the better chance that your end user will follow through with completing the form.

2. American Grassfed: Cover More than the Basics

image 3Now that the basics are covered, it’s time to go a step further. Not only does American Grassfed have an easy way to submit the form within their website, but they also go beyond simply asking members for contact information. This organization offers space to tell more about the type of farming and livestock, and an open text field to leave a personalized message, more information about the farm, and any other certifications.

No matter how prepared you think you are with your association membership form, there will inevitably be a member who needs to say more or leaves an explanation for something unexpected. Adding an open text field gives your prospective members the chance to provide you with more detailed information that could strengthen your future relationship.

American Grassfed association membership form showing checkmarks for beef, bison, dairy, and goats as well as fields to record herd size and certification checkboxes.
American Grassfed membership form with several open fields, including space for a private message, information about the member's farm, and relevant certifications.

3. ArchPro Coding Rural & Community Health – Understand Why Your Member is Interested

Getting more members to join your association begins with understanding why you were successful in the past. An optional but effective field for your association membership form is a drop-down for new members to tell you where they heard about your association. That way, you can amplify those marketing tactics in the future. Find what works and stick with it!

ArchPro Coding membership form with a field titled "how did you hear about us", including a dropdown menu containing likely options.

4. Ohio Arts Professionals Network – Give Membership Options

Ohio Arts Professionals Network membership form allowing selection of membership tiers that range in price, from student to supporter to business affiliate.

Life is full of options, and your membership form should be no exception. Make sure to offer all of your selections for membership, including pricing and membership levels, like the Ohio Arts Professionals Network. You can also take it a step further and explain all of the membership benefits and perks that come with each level. It never hurts to remind your members of all the exciting reasons to join.

5. American Alliance for Theatre and Education: Give Your Members Options

American Alliance for Theatre and Education membership form page with a download link for an offline form alongside their online application page.

While we live in the age of technology, some still prefer to do things the old fashioned way, especially if they’re paying for their membership with a check. That’s why the American Alliance for Theatre and Education offers both a convenient online form and an option to mail in the application. 

If your association does offer online and paper membership forms, make sure to house them all in one place so they can choose what’s best for their membership. Remember, just because your member might decide to mail in their form doesn’t mean you shouldn’t digitize their data! Add it to your association management software.

6. Home Builders Association of Greater Cincinnati – Ask for Additional Information

Home Builders Association of Greater Cincinnati homepage with menu, image of homes, and buttons for member services and consumer resources.

In addition to offering various membership levels, the Home Builders Association of Greater Cincinnati has thought through every field its new members might need, such as additional points of contact. Depending on your type of organization, this may be a field to consider, especially with associations that feature businesses as members. 

Home Builders Association of Greater Cincinnati association form that allows for additional company profiles to be added.

Even if this field doesn’t lend itself to your association, you can still take away an important lesson: cater to your future members. When in doubt, ask your most recent members about fields they would have liked to see included to make their experience seamless. 

Now that you have the perfect form fields for your association, remember to keep your membership data up to date to continue to reach your members with valuable information and keep them in the loop. You should tie your form to the best member management software available for your association. While the cost of this software varies, it’s crucial to find the right fit for your association that is worth the investment. 

All of these examples are online and connect directly to your association’s member database, so you get all their info right away. Interested in taking the next step and getting member application forms directly on your website?

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