Association management companies face some unique challenges. When you’re dealing with several organizations that all have different needs, streamlining your operational efficiency is essential to keeping your sanity intact.

AMCs need a technology partner who understands their business. That’s why we’ve put together these 5 tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of the relationship you have with your association management system provider.

1. Select one primary contact for your AMS provider

When dealing with technology across multiple organizations, having a single person who owns the relationship with your AMS provider is critical. Whenever important changes need to be made, such as adding a new organization, you’ll want your AMS provider to know who that contact is to make sure things go smoothly.

Of course, if you have multiple staffers working with the AMS, you’ll want to make sure you receive support for everyone who needs it. But having one decision-maker for the critical calls is important.

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2. Set up a conversation with your AMS’ customer success team to make sure you’re utilizing the product and services effectively

The point of a customer success team is to make sure that you’re making the most out of the tools that are available to you. Since an AMS is a powerful tool that has many options and can be configured in any number of ways, it’s possible that a customer success team may be able to suggest ways you can get more bang for your buck. Contact your AMS provider and see if they’re set up to handle those requests.

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3. Use your AMS’ online resources – their knowledge base, ticketing tools, videos, etc.

If your AMS is serious about providing support, they’ll offer multiple ways to get it. In addition to contacting a customer support team, make use of the other resources that are at your disposal. If they’ve got an online help center, it may have the answers you’re looking for. Training videos covering different product features offer a great way to bring a new staff member up-to-speed or get a refresher on some of the fundamentals for yourself.

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4. Confirm that your account is marked as an AMC, or ask whether your AMS provider offers an AMC discount based on the number of accounts you have with them

Given that you’re running multiple organizations, your AMS provider needs to understand and work with the unique needs of your AMC. But they can’t do that unless they know that you are an AMC! Make sure they know which organizations your AMC is managing and see if they provide discounts, enhanced support or other incentives for hosting multiple accounts with them.

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5. Make sure your AMS provider has a list of your full staff so that they know who to support on the account

If you have multiple staffers working on your accounts, make sure your AMS provider knows who they are! Since your AMS provider likely provides support to authorized users, you’ll want to ensure they know who those users are. And keeping them informed when staff changes occur can save you some serious headaches down the road.

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