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Tap into your community in a secure online space—exclusive to your members.

Create online forums, generate member polls, host Q&As and run elections all with CommUnity. With this tool, you’ll always have your finger on the pulse of your member base. 

See CommUnity in Action

But wait!

I’ve got a website, social media channels and we hold events.

Isn’t that enough? 

Social media and events are great ways to connect with your association’s members. An online community platform takes it to the next level. 

CommUnity helps you: 

  • Build authentic connection between your association and its members with two-way conversation tools 
  • Foster a collaborative member space with members-only forums  
  • Expand your member communication beyond one-way webpages and emails with polls, Q&As and elections 
  • Protect your community space with a members-only platform that feels secure and safe  

How CommUnity Can Help Your Organization

More than Just Discussion Forums

Go beyond regular discussion forms. Members can use special features like embeds, Q&As and voting to bring connections to life.

Peak Member Interest with Automated Emails

Generate daily, weekly or monthly email updates based on your top forum posts to keep members engaged and informed on hot topics.

Custom Forum Groups

Use custom permissions and filters to create specific groups for smaller orgs and specific interest topics within your online member community.

Share Your Great Content

A built-in resource gallery lets you upload content so members can easily search, find and read what matters to them.

Personalized Home Feed

Get a snapshot of your member community with a flexible newsfeed module. In this one tool, members can stay up to date on trending topics and view, interact with or post something new.

Readable Analytics

CommUnity’s reporting tools give you information like most active members, the number of active users, their actions and locations – all filterable by date and activity type.

Gamification of Engagement

Leaderboards, points, badges and awards keep members engaged in your online community. Let your members work to become “super advocates” or to score the position of a “fan” with reward features.

Connect Forums with Events

Promote your events and share details to drive registration in your CommUnity space. Forums can also be a fantastic way to recruit volunteers when needed!

Host Tours of Your CommUnity

The more comfortable your members feel in your online forum space, the more valuable it is. Host virtual tours and share educational videos that highlight forum features and tools. You can also include CommUnity tours in your new-member onboarding process!

One Login, All the Tools

When members login to their member portal for MemberClicks, they automatically are logged into your CommUnity tool, too.

Reach more people, boost participation and increase the value of membership with an online member community.

Choosing an Online Community Software

People want more ways to connect – in person and online. When you’re choosing an online community platform, you want one that’s: 

  • Simple to manage. Your staff don’t need any make-work programs. 
  • Intuitive to use. A complex tool won’t encourage engagement. 
  • Secure and safe. Members should feel like this space is really made for them.  
The CommUnity has given us the ability to have everything in one place and require less work from our staff. Volunteers now have direct access to these resources, and they don't have to go through staff to get what they need. They can hit the ground running.

Katie Schuldt

Associate Director of Constituent Events, Alzheimers Association

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