Presenting your best self in person can be hard. Presenting your best self in writing can be even harder! No matter your industry, you’ve probably been asked for a professional biography to sum up your identity in 100 words or less. No problem, right?

If you’re trying to figure out where to start, we’ve got you covered! Check out this basic template to follow so you can knock out a professional biography in ten minutes or less.

Full name] has worked in [industry] for going on [amount of years]. He / She is the [job title] of [company name], [explain what the company does], and has [include metric of how you’ve helped company].

As part of [working in the industry], [First name] has worked hard to [support professional platform] and [support / serve] [industry groups]. He / She [resides in / is from] [location] [with family / and enjoys XYZ].

To see this template in action, check out this short (97 words!) professional biography for our CEO, Mark Sedgley, below:

Mark Sedgley has worked in the technology and association space for going on 15 years now. He is the CEO and President of MemberClicks, an all-in-one membership management software company, and has helped them grow from just under 300 customers in 2004 to 3,000 today across North America.

As part of leading MemberClicks, Mark has worked hard to drive a culture of innovation to Small Staff Associations across the country, including participating actively in ASAE and serving on their Small Staff Association Committee. He resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife Dorota and their three children.

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