Now that most companies have gone virtual due to COVID-19, it can be particularly tough to keep your coworkers connected. We get it! We’re all learning this “new normal” together and taking it one step at a time.

MemberClicks has a strong focus on culture, and so with that, we wanted to share a few ideas that could be useful for connecting coworkers within your organization, too:

Wellness Program

Our People Operations team refreshed our wellness program when our company went virtual about a month ago. And 56 of our employees are part of it! That’s 56 employees who care about their health, well-being, and staying ACTIVE during this time of isolation.

To implement this program, a Slack channel was created called #mc-wellness so that Clickers could chat on topics like exercises, health podcasts, and more. Within this program, is a document where Clickers track the miles they run on a daily basis. Clickers combined have run 350 miles so far — say what?! 

Virtual Happy Hours

To date, MemberClicks has hosted 10 virtual happy hours. These happy hours are typically themed, too! Themes are a great way to keep them fun, lighthearted, and also a way for employees to show off their personalities a little more! Here are a few ideas we’ve done and could be great to incorporate into your next virtual HH:

  • Paws Up! Pet Happy Hour
  • Fun Hat Friday Happy Hour
  • Best Background Happy Hour
  • Formal Friday Happy Hour

Company-wide Videos

Maybe you can’t be with your coworkers in the office, but you can be together in a video! Last week, MemberClicks compiled a video of different Clickers — providing notes of encouragement to our industry and ways they were personally coping with stress. This was a fun project for everyone involved and brought us more together as a company! Check it out:


Virtual Bingo

Everyone loves a good game of Bingo! Especially if that means getting to know your coworkers better. At the beginning of our company-wide “Work From Home” shift, MemberClicks sent each employee a Bingo card. The goal of this challenge was to enhance their skills as an employee and encourage conversation between different coworkers — and it did! If you’re looking for new ways to keep employees connected, try it out. Ask questions that encourage coworker conversation. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 9.24.43 AM

Staying connected during a time where all employees are working virtually can be tricky. Without in-person interaction with your fellow coworkers, those personal conversations can be easily pushed off. If you’re in charge of culture within your organization or just have a passion for keeping your coworkers connected, try out a few of these virtual ideas above! 

Speaking of virtual, are you considering taking your next event virtually? If it’s been on your mind, we’ve got just the tips for you. Check out our free guide: How to Plan a Virtual Conference at Your Association.

30. How to Plan a Virtual Conference at Your Association guide cover

30. How to Plan a Virtual Conference at Your Association guide cover