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Our Top 10 Articles from 2022 (& Why You Should Read Them)

MemberClicks Avatar MemberClicks December 1, 2022
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Another year comes to the end. So, it’s time for a Best of the Best year recap! 

We love sharing our articles with association and chamber folks from all across North America (and even beyond!) We learn a lot about what you care about and are working on by the types of article you like to read.  

Out of the 2022 year, here is a list of our top 10 most-read blogs. 

1. 7 Tips for the Perfect New Member Welcome Letter (And What to Avoid!) 

With actionable tips and best practices, this top viewed article will help you build new member welcome letters that will get new member relationships started right. For added insight, we even include some tips for what not to include in new member letters. 

Why you should read it 

Welcome letters set the tone for your members’ experience until renewal time. It should never be a one-and-done project; you should always be revisiting it, updating it with your latest info and tracking success. This article is a great starting point to revisit your welcome letters and make sure they’re still aligned with you, your organization and your goals.  

2. 50 Ways to Increase Membership for Associations or Nonprofits 

We are always looking to grow our membership numbers. It’s easy to fall into the same routines of outreach, events and recruitment campaigns. But getting creative can make a big difference.  

50 actional ways laid out in a list? Yes please! 

Why you should read it 

Thinking forward into the new year, having fresh ideas for boosting membership numbers will help set you up for success. Get the creative juices flowing right here, right now, with this article.  

boost membership number cta

3. Event Feedback Survey: 13 Questions for Attendees 

A good event takes attendee needs and wants into consideration. A great event asks for feedback afterwards to ensure actional ideas and feedback to make the next event even better.  

Why you should read it 

During the lull of the season, get into your event feedback survey and update it so you’re ready to go with all your events in the new year. Don’t have a feedback survey? Well, this article walks you through the basics of what they are, why you need one and how to build one. 

attendee event feedback cta

4. 30+ Questions to Ask in Your Next Member Needs Assessment 

What do your members need? If you can’t answer that question confidently, then a member needs assessment survey is a great way to get started. We love these types of surveys because they provide straight-from-the-source feedback that empower you to meet member needs.  

Why you should read it 

The new year is a great time to check in with your members and reevaluate their priorities. It will help shape your events, programs and topics that you cover in the new year.  

member needs assessment cta

5. Membership Dues 101: Guide for Associations & Chambers 

New year = dues renewals. While this article covers all the basics of membership dues, yes, but also breaks down: 

  • Different types of membership models (annual, multi-year, monthly, tiered, etc) 
  • Choosing a membership type 
  • Tips for increasing your dues 
  • Tips for collecting membership dues 

Why you should read it 

Membership types have changed a lot over the past few years. One-size-fits-all doesn’t really work. If you’ve been thinking about changing your membership models and are unsure how dues fits in to it all, this article will help ground you.  

membership dues 101 blog graphic

6. Your Complete Membership Management Guide for 2022 and Beyond 

“Membership management” is used so much by software providers, in association and chamber help articles and as a general buzz word for this industry so much. But this term really encompasses so much that the importance of it is often missed. From member acquisition and member onboarding to engagement and reporting, membership management is a small term that describes a lot of BIG things. 

Why you should read it 

Reviewing all the parts of membership management will help you assess if you’re doing everything you can to build those relationships. Because association and chamber staff are so busy, it’s just natural that some things get put to the side. If you haven’t considered how membership management software can help (or maybe your current software just isn’t working for you), this article will help you sort through those thoughts.  

membership management blog cta

7. 5 Things Your Members Want from Your Association 

We know we mentioned a member needs survey above, but there are still some very important foundational wants your members are coming to you for. This article outlines those 5 basic and invaluable points that you should definitely be meeting and communicating with your members. 

Why you should read it 

Member relationships can only be as good as their foundation. These 5 points make up the basic needs and wants that your members have for your organization. You should already be meeting these needs. If you’re not, that’s okay! This is why we talk about it! This article will help you identify any gaps in your current member programming so you can start planning to fill them in the new year.  

5 things members want blog cta

8. 7 Items to Include in Your New Member Welcome Packet 

We love us a good welcome packet. And, your members probably love them too! Not only is it a great way to help new members feel welcomed, welcome packets also give the most valuable information to them in a clear way. Throwing in some free swag, discounts and info is just a bonus.  

Why you should read it 

This article does more than list must-include items. We break down different types of welcome packets, sharing virtual VS physical ones and other tips and tricks for building awesome welcome packets. Ready to take your memberships to the next level? This is the perfect place to start.  

new member welcome packet blog cta

9. Online Directory Software: 10 Top Picks and Why You Need One 

As a software company, we love sharing a list of software providers that can help you do more for your members. This article about directory software goes one step further and breaks down the “what” and “why” of an online directory.  

Click through to learn about MemberClicks’ membership management software tools, MC Trade and MC Professional.

Why you should read it 

Whether you’re a chamber, large association or a small and growing member organization, a member directory you can learn something new in this article. Having and making the most of your online directory are two different things. Make sure you’re getting the most of your directory right here.  

online directory blog cta

10. Building a Board Meeting Agenda 

Take ownership of your 2023 board meetings with these tips and tricks. From why agendas matter to the things you need to include when building one, your board members will thank you for never letting a meeting run over again. 

Why you should read it 

To the point meetings can reduce burn out, increase productivity and give everyone back a little more time in your day. Agendas really are the key to running strategic and pointed meetings. These tips will help you become a meeting master.  

board meeting agenda cta

What’s to come in 2023

These may be the best from 2022, but we’ve got a whole bunch more coming your way in 2023. Get the latest directly to your inbox every month with the Weekly Click.

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