Note: This post was originally published on 10/20/15; Updated 11/6/18 for added value.

When it comes to onboarding new members, welcome packets go a long way. Not only do they help your new members get up to speed, but they make your new members feel welcome and relaxed about their decision to join.

While every organization’s welcome packet will vary, there are seven basic items you don’t want to leave out. Take a look:

  1. A welcome letter, personalized and signed if possible. Members should be treated as individuals, and this extra touch can go a long way in making them feel welcomed.

  2. A list of membership benefits such as perks, discounts, and offers. Remember, just because someone joined your organization doesn’t mean they’re familiar with all of the resources you have to offer.

  3. A calendar of upcoming meetings and events. The sooner you can get on people’s radars, the more likely they are to attend!

  4. Pamphlets and swag – and maybe a few extras. You see, new members like to share their experiences with others, so make it easy for them by including the necessary materials they can quickly and easily hand to their pals. And besides, who doesn’t love some free goodies??

  5. A quick reference sheet with contact information and a “who’s who” for questions your new members might have. This could include your officers, your board members, and your current committee leaders. (Hey, if a new member wants to join one of your committees, this could be the perfect opportunity!)

  6. A small card with your association’s website and perhaps a quick guide to logging into and using their members-only portal through your membership management software.

  7. Dues information, due dates, and an invoice for membership – or instructions for how to access their receipt. You’ll want to make the financial side of things as easy as possible for your members.

Remember, even though a welcome packet might seem insignificant to you, your new members will see them as a gift. Not only are you thanking your new members for their time and money, but you’re handing them the tools needed to be successful right out the gate.

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