I follow a lot (I mean a LOT) of blogs using Google Reader, and I often “star” items I don’t have time to read or want to revist later. One such article was “10 Tips for Job Seekers in the Digital Era.” The tips shared include “Research,” “Be Prepared,” “Arrive Early” and “Follow Up.” Pretty much all of the tips seemed like tips for job seekers in any era, not just this digital era, so I was little disappointed to not find more advice. Of course, it’s always a good reminder to be prepared and follow up when you’re interviewing, but I was hoping for more digital-specific tips.

The tip that spoke most to our crazy-digital age was “Build your social presence.” However, I don’t think a robust social presence is necessary for every job out there. For a job in communications – whether marketing, advertising, PR or journalism – it’s more important for sure, but as long as you don’t have inappropriate photos all over your public Facebook page, we think it’s fine to be a little more under-the-radar.

Our biggest tip for job-seekers in a digital age? Never address your email to “Sir / Madam” or “To whom it may concern.” With a little LinkedIn research, it’s easy to find the names of hiring managers and HR execs at the companies and organizations where you’re applying. Even if you have the wrong name for the position you’re applying to, it shows you put a little more effort into your research.

TALK TO US: What’s your biggest tip for job-searching in a digital age?