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The 10 Best Event Registration Apps  

Andrea Amorosi May 8, 2024
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In-person and virtual events are the lifeblood of an organization. They are an opportunity to network, to learn from one another, and to enjoy being in the same place as people who share your interests, whether those interests are personal or professional. In the past, event management was a complex process involving handwritten sign-up and check-in sheets, email contacts, and laboriously managed databases. While it’s possible to manage an entire event’s registration process through email, there are far better options available. Let’s look into event registration apps to streamline and simplify your process.

What is an Event Registration App?

An event registration app is an application that is used to handle every aspect of having people sign up for your event. It can automatically collect and process payments, deal with details like booking special sessions within an event, allow people to specify meal plans, and more. Options show up at every price point, from free to several hundred dollars for large events.

Your members can sign up on the digital device of their choice, peruse sessions during a conference, and share their views on what they want to see from your organization. Your organizations get an all-in-one tool that allows them to handle everything from event promotion to ticketing to analyzing data after the fact.

Benefits of an Event Registration App

Event registration apps have a lot to offer both event organizers and attendees. Benefits include:

  • Simple, seamless payment. In many apps, attendees can pay right in the app and your organization can get the funds right away.
  • In-app check in. No more lines and check-in sheets.
  • Personalized itineraries. Attendees can see a list of just the sessions they are attending without having to scroll through a long list.
  • More data on your attendees. The information you gather in the app can be used to curate future offerings.
  • Integration with your organization management software. Use your membership database to create invitation lists and to keep in touch with members about upcoming events.
  • A more sustainable option. Instead of paper tickets and programs that get thrown away as soon as your event is done, event apps allow for digital versions of these assets.

Event Registration Apps: Reviews & Comparison

There are many event registration apps on the market, each with its own set of features and drawbacks. Make a list of what you need when it comes to features, cost, ease of use, and integration with other software you already use. This can help you narrow down your choices and get the application that fits your needs.

1. Registration Tech

Registration Tech helps you offer a better member experience at events, save your staff time and reduce costs associated with hosting events. Plus, integration with other MemberClicks programs is a snap. The app allows you to gain additional insights into member preferences, increase the accuracy of reports about your events, and present a more professional image.

2. EventBrite

EventBrite is primarily used in the entertainment and social spheres. This gives the app the advantage of familiarity; it is likely your members have encountered an EventBrite sign-up in their personal lives.

The app, however, can be a little light on features needed for professional conferences or expos. Some users have expressed concern about increases in fees.

3. Google Forms

Google Forms is free to use, which makes it a great option for organizations that are just getting started. However, you cannot accept payments in Google Forms without third-party add-ons. You will also need to use additional apps to create sign-ins, badges, programs, and other assets. This can be a good choice if all you need is the ability to sign people up for a small, free event.

4. Bizzaboo

Bizzaboo offers several levels that organizations can choose based on the size of their memberships and the tools they need. Some organizations may find that features they need are only available in the higher-priced versions.

5. CVent

CVent offers features that help you plan, promote and execute events. The app offers integrated ticket sales and a number of analytics features. Some users say this app is harder to set up than others on the list. The list of features can be great if your needs are complex, but it could be too heavy a tool for an organization with small and simple events.

6. Whova

Whova was created for professional events. They offer a suite of features that include instant payout of ticket sales, digital check-in and others. However, they may not be a good fit for a group offering free events, as Whova charges a fee even on free tickets. While larger organizations with more robust needs may find Whova a good fit, it may be too much for a small organization with simpler event planning needs.

7. EventLeaf

EventLeaf is an online event management app you can use for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. The app offers features that include event creation, online registration, event emails, event badges, and others.

8. WildApricot

Wild Apricot is membership management software for associations, non-profits, and clubs. Among the included features are event registration tools. This can be convenient, because it integrates with your membership database. However, there is a monthly fee on top of a percentage taken off each ticket. This app may overlap with other software you are using, leading to unnecessary additional costs.

6. Connex

6Connex offers enterprise-level online event registration software for hosting and managing virtual and physical events. This cloud-based product includes a wealth of features such as event management tools, virtual event spaces, in-person event check-in, software for webinars, and learning management. While it is richly featured, the cost may be above what is reasonable for smaller organizations.

10. Brown Paper Tickets

Brown Paper Tickets has the advantage of processing tickets for charities and nonprofits without a service fee. Fees apply for for-profit events. They have an event directory you can use to list your events to gain additional exposure. They may not have adequate features for larger events and organizations.

Summing Up

When it comes to choosing an event registration app, organizations have many options available at multiple price points. No matter which you choose, you’ll find significant advantages over managing with email, paper lists, and other cobbled together options.

Make a list of all the event functions you need, from ticketing to promotion to data collection and surveying your members about what they’d like to see at future events. By taking a good look at what you need from an event registration app, you can zero in on the best choice for your organization.

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