Snap cup time, Snap cup time, gather ye round

Friends and foe together, united and bound

Pass it to your neighbor instead of blowing up

And we’ll find harmony and love in the snap cup!


You probably aren’t a “Legally Blonde” aficionado like myself.  Let me explain the Snap Cup. It’s a vessel for anonymous praise (AKA “warm fuzzies”) so that despite conflict, a team can take some time to acknowledge the successes and good qualities of the team members rather than constantly engaging in a struggle.

Really, the snap cup is just a fun, playful way to show the importance of positive feedback. Your employees, team members, members, and volunteers need constructive, positive feedback to understand and appreciate their facility within your organization. When people know how their work impacts the group as a whole and contributes to success, they’re more likely to have an interest in the group’s success.

The Snap Cup and Association Conflict 

A few things to keep in mind when soliciting “snaps” for fellow employees:

1)   Some might not want to participate, or may think it’s juvenile. It does seem kind of silly to spread around warm fuzzies in an adult working environment. If someone objects to the whole anonymous, yet group, sharing of praise consider speaking to him or her directly and getting feedback. Pass on your own praise or positive comments you’ve heard from other employees. Solicit information on things that are working and not working.

2)   Be strategic about how and when you hold a snap cup session. It might not be a good idea to strike when tempers are high if there’s a major conflict going on. Read the room and determine if the mood is such that people can take some time and reasonably reflect on positive things going on.

3)   Maybe it would be best not to share the praise in a public forum. Some people are embarrassed when they’re called out, even for good things. At MemberClicks we have an ongoing “Click Stars” board that serves as our Snap Cup. Clickers are encouraged to leave positive feedback for other Clickers. They’re publically displayed, and that often leads to more positive feedback!


Positive feedback, regardless of whether it comes from a Snap Cup or from you, is essential to employee and member happiness. Keep it genuine and flowing!