At this stage in my life, I’m fortunate that my work/life balance is pretty simple. On the “life” side, I’ve got my dog, a group of supportive friends who are also young professionals, some long-distance friends, and scattered family. On the “work” side I have the fact that I live and breathe social media and small staff associations.

There’s a trap in working in the digital age, in that when you go home and get on your personal E-mail and social media, it’s so easy to switch to your work accounts. My smart phone has my work E-mail, and iPad is about 50/50 personal and work mixed.

In fact, if I had to guess I’d say most working adults tend to prioritize their work life ahead of their personal lives. Not because they don’t love their personal lives, but because doing well and being invested in work yields monetary rewards. Rewards in your private life are hard to quantify sometimes.

With all of that, though, I feel like I’ve struck a great work/life balance. Here are some things I do to maintain a healthy work-life balance that MemberClicks fully supports.

 balance scale

1)   Unplug

For me, this means LITERALLY unplug. Turn the phone off, turn the computer off, put the tablet away, and force myself to look at something that doesn’t have a screen on it. This means I play with my dog, talk to friends, go for a walk, straighten up the house, cook a meal, or any other fulfilling activity. It’s nice to put a little physical space between yourself and your work sometimes.

2)   Celebrate

For a long time, I had the habit of taking my birthday off of work so I knew for a fact I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed, unhappy, or stressed. I know I can get so caught up in my work life that I forget to note important anniversaries and dates. Everyone should take time off of work every now and then. If it’s for your birthday when you do nothing but lay around on the couch, you should do it sometimes!

3)   Take care of yourself

If you’re sick, don’t come to work. The best cure for those colds that love to threaten offices is rest. Also your coworkers will appreciate not catching whatever ails you.

4)   Be funny

I love telling absolutely ridiculous, stupid jokes. Really dumb ones like, “A cow walked into a bar. It hurt.” To keep work enjoyable, I tell APPROPRIATE jokes when I can to coworkers who don’t mind taking a second for an eye-rolling giggle. If jokes aren’t you thing, try bringing another part of your personality into your office besides your stellar work ethic.

5)   Move it

Sunshine and exercise can work wonders for improving your mood. Try to work some activity into your day. Besides strengthening your body, it’ll help clear your mind.

            Keep in mind, your “life” or “work” may weigh heavier in one direction or another, and therefore would require more effort to keep it balanced. The important thing here is to try! Make little moves, and find a balance that works for you.