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Mastering Event Publicity on a Budget

MemberClicks Avatar MemberClicks May 14, 2015
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Planning, promoting, and hosting an event is no easy task. It takes a lot of time, and quite often, money. But even though planning an event often comes with its expenses, promoting it shouldn’t have to. In fact, some of the best promotional tactics out there are actually free.

If you’re looking to master event publicity on a budget, consider some of the following promotional techniques:

  • Drafting a press release and sending it to local TV and radio stations
  • Featuring the event in your organization’s newsletter
  • Sending out email blasts to your membership database
  • Posting ‘share buttons’ on the bottom of your event page 
  • Reviewing past event attendance reports and re-inviting all of those people (even if they’re not members)
  • Posting the event on your website’s event calendar
  • Writing a pre-event blog post or encouraging speakers to guest blog
  • Tweeting about your event on a regular basis and using a special hashtag
  • Publishing promotional posts on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Organizing a Facebook contest in which you offer a free ticket or discount on the event price
  • Announcing the event on your organization’s social communities and forums
  • Finding sponsors that would be willing to help you promote the event (small businesses are often willing to help out)
  • Utilizing word-of-mouth marketing (have your friends tell their friends, etc.)

For more event planning tips and tricks, download our free guide below!


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