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Association Management

Making strategic decisions with your board

MemberClicks Blog Avatar MemberClicks Blog April 26, 2012
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How can you ensure your association's board is as productive as it can be?

1. Research the issue and present alternative options for discussion
2. Involve the Board early and keep them informed of progress at every Board meeting
3. Appoint a task force made up of key elected leaders and committee members—have the Board chairman chair the task force
4. Give the full body of elected leaders and chapter leaders (if appropriate) a chance to discuss and comment on the issue
5. Inform the membership and give them a chance to comment on the issue
6. The Board listens to all parties and makes the final decision after weighing all factors
7. Communicate the decision to the membership

How can you promote strategic thinking among your board?

- Structure your agenda into defined areas: generative, strategic, operational
- Allow adequate time for consequential decision making (dialogue, deliberation, decision)
- Use consent agenda for reports and less controversial items
- Provide enough information in advance for knowledge-based decision making
- Assess post meeting (evaluation) how you did
-Fra ming a discussion vs. influencing conversation
- Establishing ground rules
- Allocation of ample time
- Identification of a symbol or tool that serves as indicator a conversation has gone from strategic to tactical … or ventured into sensitive territory

How does your association inspire its board to make strategic decisions?
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