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The Conference App for Better Events, Happier Attendees

Erin Sullivan April 27, 2022
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In-person events are (finally) back! But how can you make sure your next event really jumps off the screen and makes that critical in-person impression — especially if you’re working with limited resources?

When it comes to hosting bigger and better events, sometimes it can feel like bigger organizations have a leg up. After all, they have more staff available, more funding, and more resources. 

But at Personify, we believe that every association regardless of size, shape or mission should have access to the same unforgettable event-producing technology. When you harness the capabilities of the Conference App, a user-friendly, all-in-one event tool, you combine the best attributes of online and in-person events for an experience your attendees will love — and your bottom line will thank you for.  

Read on as we walk you through tips and best practices for how you can leverage a conference app to make the most of your limited time and resources, maintain attendee satisfaction, and keep the revenue comin’!

1. Keep your attendees in the loop

It’s no secret that satisfied attendees are the lifeblood of a successful event, and as such, should be the number one priority of any event planner. That’s why our first tip is to keep things attendee-focused. 

A conference app can earn your attendee satisfaction an easy five stars. From their phone or tablet, your attendees can navigate the event space with user-friendly maps, plan out their day with agendas and session details, and stay in the loop with real-time updates — all in one place!

Plus, in just a few taps, attendees can browse through a comprehensive directory of speakers and discussions to ensure they make it to the sessions they’re most excited about, and discover new ones along the way. This ensures maximized engagement for you, and maximum satisfaction for them. 

Additionally, if one of your speakers gets sick the day before the event, those printed agendas that you have are now out of date. A mobile app lets you update event information in real time so that you’re not scrambling when those last-minute changes come in.

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2. Use your mobile app to extend your organization’s brand

If you want your events to resonate with attendees (and keep them hooked long after the event is over), then it’s time to put your money where your brand is. 

The first step in creating a mobile app that’s true to your organization’s brand is to define it. What values drive your association? What’s your mission? Why is it important? When your members think of you, they’ll think about all of their experiences with your organization, including your mobile app— so it should reflect you and your values intuitively. Take some time to reflect on what matters most to your association and how you can leverage that to create a standout app. 

Once you’ve got that down, consider the aesthetics in your mobile app that will create a cohesive event experience for attendees. Your app’s aesthetic should feel unique, bold and emblematic of your association and its mission. For example, if your association focuses on conservation and creating a greener future, try out a color palette of natural greens and browns, or a motif of leaves and other nature-inspired symbols. 

Lastly, make it memorable. Weave the story of your organization into every facet of your new app, from color palettes to fonts to push notifications. At the end of the day, using your new app should be just as memorable of an experience as attending your event. 

3. Reach for the revenue

We all know that events are a great way to connect and engage with your members, but did you know that they can also be a revenue driver for your association? A conference app makes monetizing your next event or conference easy with paid sponsorship promotions. 

In a sponsorship promotion, a company pays to be associated with a specific event. Just like with branding, it’s important to define your values and choose a sponsorship that is a good fit for your association. Before you say yes to a sponsorship, keep in mind that your attendees will associate the brands you choose with your event, so make sure their mission aligns with your own. 

Once you’ve secured a sponsorship, the rest is simple. Along with booths and other branded advertising at the event itself, companies can now advertise directly in the app, meaning double the ads, and double the revenue for your association. And more revenue = more events or member engagement opportunities in the future! 

4. Follow up and follow through

Event planning pros understand that maximizing event engagement, satisfaction and revenue goes far beyond the conference room walls. Following up with attendees and giving them a way to follow up with you and other vendors, sponsors and attendees afterward is just as integral to success as the content of the event itself. 

With a conference app, attendees can browse a searchable directory of sponsors, vendors, and other attendees to further connect with their favorites, or reach out and make new connections. 

In addition to maximizing the post-event experience for your attendees, a conference app makes life easier for your staff too. With an all-in-one app, your team can track attendance, promote future events and send out surveys to attendees on which topics resonated with them most and which ones they would like to see more of in the future. With perks like this, not only does a conference app help you produce a standout event, but it helps you plan your next one too!

All of these opportunities and more are within reach for an association of any size, without the need to hire more staff or overextend the bandwidth of your team. With maps, agendas, directories and real-time updates, a conference app maximizes the event experience for your attendees long after the conference hall closes. 

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