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7 Places to Find Content Ideas for Your Association Blog

MemberClicks Blog Avatar MemberClicks Blog September 3, 2014
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Sometimes the well runs dry and you question your whole idea of writing a blog for your association, but don’t worry. Topics are everywhere. You just need to know where to look.


Do a search under posts for a word that is relevant to your association. It could be a job title, a service, a product, or a current event that is meaningful. For blog inspiration, take a look at what others are asking/talking about.


Same deal, different site, but while LinkedIn’s old question and answer area was somewhat dry, the Quora audience asks the craziest things like, “What’s it like to win a million dollars?” or “What’s it feel like to be shot?”. Run a search under a couple of keywords that have value to your association. The questions might be weird, but a lot of them are very ordinary, and they’ll make for a really interesting blog post.


Reading your tweet stream might spark an idea, even one that has nothing directly to do with your association. For instance, you may read a writer’s post about the art of storytelling. This may inspire you to take a crack at telling your association’s story on your blog.


You probably have your go-to spots on the Internet, those blogs or magazines that entertain and enlighten you. As you’re reading these posts every day, think about how they apply to your association or industry.

Maybe you disagree strongly with an industry blogger. Write a rebuttal blog post with a link back to the original.

Popular Culture

We’ve all seen posts like “What if Don Draper was in Charge of Marketing Today?” or “15 Things the Association World Could Learn from the Walking Dead.” Use your favorite show or cultural reference to make an important point to your membership.

Head Nodders

These are posts everyone in your association can identify with and they’re reminiscent of Jeff Foxworthy’s shtick “You might be a Redneck if…”. Fun posts like these will resonate with your members in a way that makes them laugh and share; a very engaging sort of post.

For instance, a medical association might write one entitled “Top 10 Things Most People Tell Their GYN that They wouldn’t Tell Their Spouse” or “You Know You’re a Psychiatrist if…”

Popular Questions

If your staff is repeatedly being asked the same question over and over, you better have a blog post about it. These questions are (obviously) very important to your audience.

If the question doesn’t fit the format of a blog post, create an FAQs section. This is content that must be shared because there is a deep desire for it, or it is difficult for your members to understand.

There is no reason to ever run out of topics in the association world. If you do, and none of these suggestions work, just turn to your staff or members and ask them what they’re excited about professionally or what’s bothering them. Whatever they mention, with some creative thinking will have a broader application that you can use for the industry at large.

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