Chances are you’ve wasted a few minutes on Pinterest here and there. Okay, maybe more than a few minutes. Maybe a few hours. Maybe a weekend. Maybe we should just stop there with the Pinterest confessions (because I know I’ve probably wasted a lot more time than that!) Pinterest is quickly becoming a way for people to bookmark things they want, need, can use or even find funny in a neat, organized way. You may think right now it’s all recipes and nail designs, but there’s actually a lot from just the Pinterest home page that an Association leader can use. Here are five ways Pinterest can help you be a better Association Leader.  

Try new things

How often have you been cruising Pinterest when you thought, “Oh that looks interesting! I’ve never tried that before!” And you pin it. Fresh, new ideas may not be laid before you quite like they are when you’re on Pinterest, but the association world is brimming with new ideas. The difference is that when you’re on Pinterest you’re looking for new ideas. You have an open mind. You want to try new things! It’s hard to carry that mentality with you all the time. After all, when things work we tend to stick with that system. But try it out sometime. When ideas are tossed around at a board meeting, think to yourself, “If I had an association board on Pinterest and I saw this, would I pin it?” It may seem like a silly exercise, but you might be surprised!


You probably won’t be using old paper towel tubes to make caterpillars, but start to get that Pinterest-y mind on things you can reuse in your association. It’ll save you money, make you look like a genius, and set a smart prescient for the future (besides being green!)

Have a sense of humor

Humor is a major cornerstone of Pinterest, but sometimes ideas are just so ridiculous that you have to laugh. Putting peroxide in Mountain Dew, for example, doesn’t do a darn thing and it certainly doesn’t glow. I might know that one from personal experience. Sometimes you see the most hideous outfits pinned and you think, “You’ve got to be kidding me” or you’ve tried a crock pot recipe reviewed and guaranteed to work and you wind up with a pot of mush. Take those as opportunities to laugh. You’ll feel better, your colleagues will feel better, and you’ll be in a happier mindset to brush off the fail and try the next experiment.

Share with a younger generation

Kid stuff is a big part of Pinterest, too. You might not have kids, work with kids, or your association have anything to do with kids, but instead of thinking about the next generation of humans think about the next generation of leaders of your association. Find ways to reach them and share with them, include them in your tasks and make their education a priority. Not only will this ensure the leadership of your association after you leave, but you’ll have engaged, active younger members as well!

Sort through the nonsense

There are some amazing things on Pinterest, but there’s also a lot of just nonsense. Develop a critical eye when sorting through opportunities for your association. Remember that some of them are life-changing but probably the majority don’t quite hit the target. Keep them in mind, though! You never know how your association will change and you never know who else it might work for!

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