Have you outgrown your membership spreadsheet?

Many associations have the same story. They start off small, using a simple spreadsheet to manage their organization’s membership. But then their organization grows, and suddenly, that spreadsheet isn’t quite cutting it anymore.

For that reason, many organizations turn to association management systems, or AMS solutions, for short. What is an AMS, you ask? Well, it’s a technology solution designed to help you manage your association’s membership. But the better question to ask is this: What are the benefits of using an AMS in place of a membership spreadsheet?

In our guide, Eliminating the Pain of Membership Spreadsheets, we’ll go over just that.

We’ll explain:
  • How an AMS can allow you to organize/structure your membership
  • How an AMS can allow you to automate various processes
  • The security benefits of using an AMS
  • And more!