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Virginia Society of Association Executives

How customer service experiences can be make-or-break when it comes to technology solutions

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The Virginia Society of Association Executives started using MemberClicks in May of 2015. Prior to that, they were utilizing a different association management system.

But with that particular AMS came a unique set of problems. That AMS was just too complex. For example, to RSVP for an event, it would take members up to seven clicks – something that no one had the time (or patience) for. Top that off with some less-than-satisfying customer service experiences, and VSAE knew it was time for a change.

Members of the Virginia society of Association Executives

There were two driving forces behind VSAE’s decision to go with MemberClicks: the simplicity of the system and the customer support. But that wasn’t all. Around the time that VSAE was looking for an AMS, they were also planning to launch a major rebranding initiative.

Refreshing Your Association Brand with MemberClicks

“We had the same brand for 19 years and it was time for a refresh,” said Brandon Robinson, Executive Director of VSAE. “MemberClicks was the perfect partner in doing that with us because they had a fresh look too.” MemberClicks helped redesign VSAE’s website, giving them a brand new look complete with a responsive, mobile-friendly design.

Since switching to MemberClicks, VSAE has noticed a considerable drop in tech-related issues. “We don’t get as many calls from members in terms of user experience,” said Robinson. “Every once in a while, we’ll have member call in who can’t register for an event, but it’s usually related to an issue on their end, such as a firewall protection, rather than an issue on ours.”

Our members come to us and ask, ‘What do you use because you seem to have it so put together?’ We then tell them: It’s MemberClicks.

In addition to a drop in tech-related issues, VSAE has noticed a considerable increase in customer support. “When we call MemberClicks, we usually get an answer within five minutes,” said Leah Peterson, Executive Assistant at VSAE. “Or, if we can’t get an answer right away, we’ll get a ‘We’ll get back to you’ – and then they actually do!”

VSAE’s members are also pleased with the software’s look and feel. As stated by Robinson, “Our members come to us and ask, ‘What do you use because you seem to have it so put together?’ We then tell them MemberClicks.”

Above all, VSAE appreciates the industry knowledge that MemberClicks brings to the table. “It just seems like you ‘get’ our SAE model,” said Robinson. “You get what we’re all about. So when someone at MemberClicks is working on something for us, they can understand why it’s an issue for our members or why it’s so important to us.”

In the end, VSAE is extremely happy with MemberClicks and looks forward to a continued working relationship in the future.