Case Studies

Pennsylvania Society of Association Executives

How one SAE streamlined their processes and cut down on time spent on simple tasks

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The Pennsylvania Society of Association Executives (PASAE) started using MemberClicks in April of 2016. Prior to that, they were using another system – and struggling quite a bit. That particular system was bulky, cumbersome, and not very user-friendly. Not to mention, the corresponding “help desk,” meant to provide ongoing customer support, wasn’t very helpful.

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PASAE knew something needed to be done. The information they needed to collect and maintain wasn’t very complicated, and they just wanted something easy to use. They wanted to be able to integrate their website and email marketing, and add in a community component. MemberClicks was exactly what they were looking for.

Since switching to MemberClicks, PASAE has noticed a world of difference. Maintaining and updating their website and other information is easy, as is coordinating events and creating online registrations.

In fact, with the old system, it would take nearly a day to set up a simple event registration form. “It was cumbersome, and the end result wasn’t even that functional,” said Amanda Lane, Executive Director of PASAE. “With MemberClicks, the process is so much easier. We’ve been able to fully customize the process and it’s also improved our bookkeeping by integrating with QuickBooks.”

We get way less questions and phone calls from members during the event registration process.

But it’s not just PASAE that’s happy with the new system – their members are as well. “Our members seem generally happy with the member login section,” said Lane. “The membership directory is easy to access and use and members can update their own profiles with ease. Plus, we get way less questions and phone calls from members during the event registration process.”

Last, but not least, PASAE is extremely happy with MemberClicks’ customer support. “The help desk is wonderful. The response time is quick and the MemberClicks staff is incredibly friendly. The whole process, from speaking to the sales team to the implementation process has been a breeze. Everyone has been extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with.”

PASAE is continuing to grow and succeed, and MemberClicks is thrilled to be a part of that process.