Case Studies

Missouri Pharmacy Association

A group of medical professionals needed a system that met their high expectations

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The Missouri Pharmacy Association (MPA), a committed group of professional pharmacists with high standards and goals, started using MemberClicks in September of 2013. But when they saw a demo of the new MemberClicks platform at ASAE’s 2015 Annual Meeting & Exposition, they knew it was something they wanted to try.

Pharmacy worker looking at medicine on a shelf

MemberClicks launched the new platform in April of 2015. Built specifically for small staffs, the new system was more than just a series of feature updates. It was a brand new product written from the ground up – and based on 18 years of customer feedback – to make association management easier for small-staff organizations.

In November of 2015, MPA decided to make the switch. They upgraded from the old MemberClicks platform to the new and improved system – a process that took no more than a month.

The upgrade process to MemberClicks was incredibly easy.

“The upgrade process was incredibly easy,” said Robyn Silvey, Chief Operating Officer at MPA. “Our Product Upgrade Manager, Kinsey, made the transition seamless by following a very structured step-by-step plan.”

After upgrading to the new platform, MPA was able to launch an entirely new membership structure using the new system – a structure that the old MemberClicks platform wouldn’t have been able to handle. Even though the new structure had different pricing and permissions, the new MemberClicks platform was able to handle it without any conflict or confusion.

Since upgrading to the new platform, MPA has seen less errors with membership applications and renewals, as well as less errors with event registration forms. “The forms are my favorite feature in the new MemberClicks platform,” said Silvey. “We can do so much more with them and they’re easier to format for our needs. Plus, they’re easier for our members to use, which is a huge benefit in terms of engagement.”

The dashboard gives us an excellent snapshot of where our numbers are and makes it easy for us to navigate to all the different areas we need.

MPA is also a fan of the new system’s home dashboard, which provides an overview of the organization’s membership, events, and financials. “The dashboard gives us an excellent snapshot of where our numbers are and makes it easy for us to navigate to all the different areas we need.”

Overall, MPA is extremely happy with the new product upgrade. “I can’t say enough about how wonderful it is to work with MemberClicks. This is one of the best database management systems I’ve ever worked with and the staff is truly incredible.”