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Hauck & Associates, Inc.

Association management company streamlines their administrative process

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Washington D.C.-based Hauck & Associates has been managing trade associations and societies since 1974. Managing several trade organizations under one roof is no easy task, especially when you factor in membership applications, dues renewals, and event registrations.

Like most management companies, Hauck & Associates was relying on legacy software to support their clients’ member information and other data. In addition, with the increasing demand of additional website support, integration between the data and the member sites made quick edits, data security and on demand data extremely challenging for staff.

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A significant pain point for Hauck & Associates was the increased overhead to serve all the demands of the unique needs of their clients’ membership application and renewal process. For many years as an example, members who wanted to purchase any kind of membership would have to call, fax or mail in a membership form. Hauck & Associates’ staff would then have to manually enter that information into a database, then pass that data along to their accounting team for processing. “It was a three-step, time consuming, inefficient process that was costing us too much time and effort,” said Brian Mandrier, Senior Vice President of Hauck & Associates. “Something had to be done.”

It was the need for a more streamlined membership management process that ultimately led Hauck & Associates to MemberClicks. Over the last four years, they’ve launched four different clients using MemberClicks and have seen several noticeable differences.

Our clients who have moved to MemberClicks have had a noticeable spike in their membership.

With MemberClicks, Hauck & Associates can now edit the backend of websites without having to rely on another company. Even better, members of their client organizations can now process their membership applications and renewals online. “Our clients who have moved to MemberClicks have had a noticeable spike in their membership,” said Mandrier. “I think a lot of that had to do with MemberClicks’ ease of renewal above other similar systems. For the user, staff or member, the system is one of the most efficient in the marketplace.

Hauck & Associates has used various systems to be able to integrate client databases with other features, such as membership forms and event registrations. “We finally have found a system that meets everyone’s needs. Our clients demand excellence and efficiency. We now have a tool for maximum member engagement that fosters even more growth for our organizations. That translates into being able to focus on programs and services and more time for staff to focus on results, maximizing every member dollar.” said Mandrier.

With the help of MemberClicks’ centralized association management platform, Hauck & Associates can now focus on the things that matter most – being a firm with purpose where staff can focus on the larger picture and mission of their clients, and talents of staff are put to the best use.