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Case Studies

Get the data you need and increase member engagement with MC Trade + CommUnity

"We are users of the MC Trade platform and CommUnity. We onboarded MC Trade in 2020, and it has been a fantastic product for us. We were using a much larger platform that was just overkill for our association. MC Trade has been easier for us to use and get the data that we need."
Dale Coates from the Tag and Label Manufactures Institute (TLMI) shares her experience with our MC Trade association management software and CommUnity platform.

The TLMI Story

Celebrating its 90th birthday this year, Tag & Label Manufacturers, Inc. (TLMI) began as the Tag Manufacturers Institute in 1933 and counts over 300 companies among its members today—that’s over 70% of the North American label market! TLMI is a member-driven organization through and through. Just as essential as engagement are TLMI’s programs to build networks and strengthen the industry – Label Leaders of Tomorrow, the Ambassador Program and Sustainability Support. TLMI annually recognizes members for business excellence, sustainability leadership and as outstanding servants of the industry.  

The challenges

For TLMI, the challenge arose in how to market its value to new companies. Once they joined, TLMI needed to connect new members with other members to reap the full benefits of engagement. For members new and old, they needed to encourage participation in the things that matter most to them, ensuring they renew year after year. Finally, TLMI needed to remain a relevant presence to members in the shadow of workforce shortages, mergers and acquisitions, looming recession, legislation and even global pandemics.  

Expanding member types and increasing revenue

The first project was dues restructuring. TLMI built a new member structure using MC Trade and surveyed its members to self-select their own dues level based on total sales. Even with attrition, the new dues’ structure brought in a significant revenue increase for 2023.  

Affiliate "members" made simple

With MC Trade, TLMI's complex affiliate membership structure was made simple. They were able to easily manage different access levels to collateral, clear reporting and handle dues and renewals for each affiliate on a case-by-case basis. Despite lack of membership status, affiliates are awarded unique opportunities, including paid speaking events and public profile pages on TLMI community to help students score jobs.  

Community, insight and advocacy

Finally, the TLMI CommUnity was launched in the spirit of the association’s values: community, insight and advocacy. The platform took off as a popular online gathering spot for members, offering community in the form of member connections, insight through videos, tutorials and other content, and advocacy through promoting TLMI’s scholarships, volunteer work and sustainability programs. TLMI CommUnity acts as a living platform, continually connecting, advocating for and providing value to members and affiliates alike. "We learned this is a living platform and that [a community space] doesn't need to be perfect to launch."  

Success for TLMI with CommUnity

"We brought the CommUnity platform on as well. [CommUnity] just fit so nicely with this new goal of trying to increase engagement with our membership through an online website for our members only where we could store all of our content and all of our important collateral for our members. But, it also gives [members] a place to interact through our committees and learn more about the other organizations or companies that are part of our association."  

A proud partner of associations, nonprofits and chambers

MemberClicks is proud to work with amazing organizations like TLMI. A special thank you to Dale Coates for the time and thought that went into this case study. If you’d like to learn more about TLMI, visit their website here.