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Charlottesville Society of Human Resource Management

Little issues add up: How switching to MemberClicks helped CSHRM eliminate 3 key problems

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The Charlottesville Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to engaging members, advancing the profession, and providing leadership in the community through sharing and promoting best practices in human resource management. Charlottesville SHRM started using MemberClicks in February of 2016. Prior to that, they were using another association management system (AMS).


But with that AMS came a multitude of problems. First, the application and dues payment process for new members was disjointed and confusing. This was particularly troubling because it was the first experience many prospects had with the chapter and it often did not go well. Second, the content management system (built into the AMS) was not particularly intuitive, often requiring multiple steps to accomplish a single task. Third, and perhaps most troubling of all, Charlottesville SHRM had difficulty with their site processing credit card transactions, which impacted membership and event registrations every month.

Needless to say, something had to be done.

Switching to MemberClicks

In February of 2016, Charlottesville SHRM made the switch to MemberClicks, and upon doing so, all of those problems disappeared. With MemberClicks, e-commerce transactions are now a breeze, running custom reports on membership, event registration, and finances is simple, and best of all, the entire membership process from application to approval to dues payment is quick and seamless.

“Since launching the site in February, we’ve seen an increase in new membership,” said John McQuilkin, Webmaster at Charlottesville SHRM. “I think the new, more contemporary responsive site design, the simple membership application and renewal processes, and the ease of processing financial transactions that MemberClicks provides have certainly contributed to this growth.”

It gives us current stats on members, event attendance, and financials at a glance so we can easily monitor how things are going with the chapter.

In terms of features, Charlottesville SHRM particularly enjoys the system’s Membership Dashboard, which is the first screen users see when they log in as a site administrator. As stated by McQuilkin, “It gives us current stats on members, event attendance, and financials at a glance so we can easily monitor how things are going with the chapter.”

Additionally, Charlottesville SHRM enjoys the ability to run custom searches and send emails to designated groups. For example, every month the organization sends out a reminder about its monthly member meeting. With the group’s old system, they could only send a message to all active members, but with MemberClicks, they can create a custom email list that will go only to members and prospects who haven’t registered for the meeting. That way, they’re not sending pre-registered members emails that aren’t relevant.

All in all, MemberClicks just makes life easier for those working at Charlottesville SHRM. “We are an all-volunteer organization,” said McQuilkin. “We all have full-time day jobs, families, etc. Having an AMS and website that makes it easy to accomplish what we want to as a chapter has been an amazing change.”

MemberClicks is proud to support the SHRM community and looks forward to a continued, working relationship with Charlottesville SHRM in the future.