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Boulder Area Human Resource Association

An entirely volunteer-run organization pulled off a much-needed upgrade – and it was easier than they thought

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For most of us, change is scary. Especially when it involves technology.

It’s no surprise, then, that the Boulder Area Human Resource Association (BAHRA) was hesitant about upgrading from MemberClicks Classic to the new MemberClicks platform. After all, BAHRA is an entirely volunteer-run organization with, like many organizations, limited time and resources. And not only that, but many of the volunteers have limited technical know-how, and upgrading to a new system seemed, well…intimidating.

Boulder Area Human Resource Association

But as time went on, the format of their existing website became more and more dated and no longer represented the organization’s brand. That’s when BAHRA decided to upgrade.

They began the upgrade process in mid-to-late October and finished around mid-November. “I assumed that upgrading would take a lot more of my time,” said Kelly Marinelli, President of BAHRA. “But what was great was that the training was on my own time. I could watch the training videos whenever it was convenient for me. That said, there were also scheduled webinar trainings for those who wanted to take advantage, which many of our board members did. It was the best of both worlds.”

I was shocked at how affordable it was.

It wasn’t just the turnaround time that surprised Marinelli. The cost to upgrade did as well. “I was shocked at how affordable it was. We assumed that price would be a barrier for a nonprofit like ours, but it wasn’t. It really hasn’t changed our costs much at all.”

So was the upgrade worth it? Accordingly to Marinelli, yes! “I wish we’d done it three years ago when we first started talking about it!” Marinelli and the BAHRA staff particularly love the capability of the visuals on the new website – and how easy it is to update/change them. (They were hesitant to make edits before simply because the process seemed a bit intimidating.)

Another feature the BAHRA staff loves: the analytics dashboard. “It’s so easy to use compared to MemberClicks Classic, and we can quickly and easily see what’s going on in our membership,” said Marinelli.

Members have reached out and said they love the visuals and functionality of the new site. That’s music to our ears!

But it’s not just the BAHRA staff who loves the new MemberClicks platform. So do their members. “We’ve had so many comments already,” said Marinelli. “Members have reached out and said they love the visuals and functionality of the new site. That’s music to our ears!”

Overall, BAHRA is extremely pleased with their upgrade from Classic – and not only with the new product they have now, but with the support they received along the way. “We really appreciate our ongoing relationship with MemberClicks,” said Marinelli. “With this new site and the support we got with it, we really feel like MemberClicks is on our team with us.”

Now that’s music to OUR ears.