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General Billing Policies

Effective Date: March 20, 2023

Service and or Contract Cancellation.

Refer to Section 6 and Section 7 of the Term of Use for more information.

Refunds. There are no refunds. This includes but is not limited to activation, setup, design, support, professional services and other service fees. Further, there are no refunds for lack of use of the service(s) in whole or in part. All pre-paid funds are also considered non-refundable.

Changes to General Billing Policies. Changes to our billing policies are subject to change without notice. Refer to the latest General Billing Policies found at

Billing Policies: MC Professional (formerly Oasis)

Upgrades and Downgrades.  You may request to upgrade at any time. You will then be billed the difference in the new rate for the remainder of your term. If you wish to downgrade, you may do so only at time of renewal.

In either case, upgrading or downgrading will be to a currently available level and rate. Once you have made a change, you will not be able to revert back to the plan you had if it is no longer currently offered.

Authorized Service Administrator (ASA). These are the persons responsible for the account and relationship with us. ASAs are entitled to technical support via phone and/or email, provide directives on the account, such as but not limited to service changes, approves ancillary charges, request cancellation, add/remove ASAs, etc… Each account is allowed two ASA licenses at no additional charge. Additional ASA licenses are available and billed the prevailing fee. There is no hierarchy which can be assigned to individual ASAs, each are equal and have all system permissions and access to make decisions on the account.

Removing an ASA: If you wish to remove an existing ASA from the account, you must contact the Help Team with your request.

Adding an ASA: You must be logged in with your ASA username/password to add someone. If you are adding an ASA license greater than included, you will be prompted to approve the fee associated with the additional license.

ASA licenses are not swappable or assignable to someone else, nor is the fee associated with a billable license. Additionally, billable licenses are not eligible for proration when being added or removed.

Exceeding Usage Limitations. Should you exceed your subscribed usage limitations, many administrative functions will be restricted. However, your members and visitors using the service will not be impacted by the limitations. You will a) need to delete enough profiles to get back within your usage limitations or b) upgrade your service level to accommodate the additional profiles. You should contact the Help Team with your upgrade inquiry. We will make every effort to contact you as well. Once we do, you will have fifteen (15) days to a) delete enough profiles to get back within your service limits or b) upgrade your usage limitations to accommodate the additional profiles. After fifteen (15) days, if you are still exceeding your usage limitations and have not responded with approval to upgrade, you will be automatically upgraded to the lowest rate equivalent plan depending on which type of commitment you have, that is applicable for the capacity you need. Also, see Upgrades and Downgrades.