Just because you’re a small-staff association professional doesn’t mean you can’t do BIG marketing work. Ever heard of the inbound marketing methodology? Well, according to a recent report from HubSpot, 84 percent of companies with 0 to 25 employees use inbound marketing as their dominant marketing strategy.

Now for those of you who aren’t familiar, inbound marketing is all about providing people with the exact information they’re looking for at the precise time they need it. So rather than pushing information out to people who don’t want it (think advertisements, billboards, direct mail, etc.), inbound marketing focuses on a “pull” marketing approach to tap into existing demand. (More about that here.) 

The value of this? Well, as an association professional, you can use your organization’s expertise to attract more people and convert them into members.

Now I know as a small-staff association professional, you’re extremely busy – and your resources are extremely limited. But even so, there are still several inbound marketing strategies you can use to attract people to your organization’s website and convert them into members. Take a look:


Blogging is a great (and not to mention, inexpensive) way to attract people to your organization’s website. Now I know you don’t have time to write 3+ posts from scratch each week, but not to worry. If your organization already has valuable content (i.e. a whitepaper, an eBook, etc.), take pieces of those documents and convert them into blog posts. This is a quick and easy way to keep your site active and engaging.

Social media

Social media is another great (and again, inexpensive) way to attract people to your organization’s website. Remember those blogs we were just talking about? Why not promote them on social media? Sixty-seven percent of adults use social media to share information, so you can’t afford to neglect those popular platforms.

Email marketing

Ah, yes. Email marketing. It’s the oldest of the three tactics listed here, but just as important. What do you do if a website visitor subscribes to your blog or downloads your whitepaper but still isn’t ready to become a member? Well, a series of well-crafted emails with useful and relevant content can be just enough to get them to join. In fact, according to Marketing General Incorporated’s 2015 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report, access to specialized information is one of the top reasons members join organizations, so send prospects a few content pieces that demonstrate your organization’s true value.   

Now this is just a brief overview of a few inbound marketing tactics. If you’re really looking to dive deep into the inbound marketing methodology, check out our free inbound marketing guide below!