You’ve made it through Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Whether you were grabbing up  bargains or hiding out at home, you’re going to have to face that holiday shopping at some point.

But we have good news! The best things you can give your members have nothing to do with standing in line, waiting for a sale, or scouring ads. In fact, you don’t even have to get out your credit card.

Here are the best gifts you can give your members.

  • Time

As an association leader, you’re well-connected and in the know. Why don’t you offer some members one-on-one time? Even if your schedule doesn’t allow it, just offering an open door will go a long way to reassuring members that you are a resource and available to help. It’ll help you gain closer connections, too!

  • Connections

If you come across a need through normal networking and conversation, why not go ahead and make the connection yourself? Even making something like a roster with emails available to dues-paying members can be an easy way to connect members to one another. If you need help with this, ask your AMS tech support!

  • Advice

As an industry professional not quite inside the industry in question, you probably have some really valuable perspective. You could be uniquely positioned to see the market as a whole. What new skills are emerging? Who are the newest movers and shakers on the scene? This is the kind of thing you see but members may be too close, too busy, or too involved to notice. Your advice can go a long way!

  • Security

Granted, you’ll never be able to guarantee your members have jobs. But keeping your members up to date with training, certifications, networking and opportunities through a job board is incredibly valuable to members. Don’t forget offering things that seem elementary in nature like resume writing or job hunting is important as well. Not only will it attract some younger members who are just getting started in their careers, it’ll also appeal to members who have a later start or who may be reinventing themselves professionally.

  • Opportunity
    1. To grow

    2. To contribute

    3. To help

Ultimately your members know better than anyone what they want and need. Growth, contribution, and association assistance all go a long way in building strong connections and resumes. A sound career path with room for growth and development that may lead to more money is really the best gift you can give your members!

The best way to achieve this spectacular gift-giving is to have an AMS that’s easy for you to handle and easy for your members to navigate. What is an AMS, exactly? Download our free guide by clicking below and find out!