Your website is the mothership of online member engagement. This is where members go for information, event registration, and even annual dues renewals. But it takes more than just having a website to encourage online member engagement. A little extra TLC is needed.

So what exactly is the secret to a winning membership website? Content, content and more content.

But wait – before you spend hours creating, crafting, and curating content, remember: not all content is created equal. In order for content to generate online member engagement, a few best practices are recommended:

Keep it fresh

The primary goal for any membership website is to get members to the site and keep them coming back for more. This means offering fresh, up-to-date content that your members will find valuable. Not sure where to begin? Try incorporating a blog on your site or adding an image gallery to keep pages active.

Consider public vs. private content

Some associations shudder at the thought of giving away free content, but hear us out: by providing non-members with valuable content up front, you’ll be proving your association’s worth right away – no questions asked. Potential members will see value in your content and look back to you as a resource in the future.

That being said, don’t give away all of your organization’s content up front. Balance it out with a few members-only pieces. 

Make it personal 

Website personalization is a GREAT way to encourage online member engagement. If you’re interested in trying it out, we recommend using an association management system. With the help of an AMS, you can actually show members different content based on their member type or other information, which is HUGE when it comes to generating online engagement.

For more tips on putting together a winning membership website, download our free membership website guide below!