The more members the better, right? While that seems like it would usually be true, there are some benefits to having a smaller group of members, and some drawbacks to having a large membership.

Let’s look at the pros and cons list.

Small Membership:


-Event planning could be as simple as a Facebook invite

-You have the ability to get personal

-Easy to distribute information


-Events might not make the same splash as a larger event

-Could create a lack of diversity

-Could get “cliquey” and close out potential new members

Large Membership:


-Bigger events

-More notoriety, and swing with venues, other organizations, etc

-More money in membership dues and contributions


-Tougher to keep track of everyone

-Unpredictable membership renewal

-Less ability to get to know your members personally

-Tougher to distribute information

Membership numbers have a lot of outside influences and can go up and down outside of your control at times. There are pros and cons to both ends, though, and you can make the most of out of it!