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Managing Association Growth: Start With Your Association

MemberClicks Avatar MemberClicks May 14, 2013
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Managing Association Growth: Your Association

This week MemberClicks is walking through our guide to managing association growth. Each day we’ll walk you through a step on the long road to preparing for, managing, and executing some spectacular growth!

Start: Your Association

Today we’re starting with your association. You may be primed for growth and a spike in membership, leadership, and activity, but the first thing you need to do is go Belding-style and assess the situation.

Take stock of your association.  How many members do you have? Okay, now how many ACTIVE members do you have? That’s an important distinction. Financially, members are members, but from a leadership point of view the active members are worth double inactive members.

Now look at your board and fellow staff members. Is there room for growth? What kind of growth does your association need? Paid or unpaid?

What about existing communication systems, facilities, budgeting, and other staffing matters? How should those essential items change? How can you afford for them to change, and who would handle those changes?

These are important things to keep in mind when preparing for growth, and really shouldn’t your association always be shooting for and preparing for growth? Before you spin the wheel in this metaphorical game, make sure you are equipped to play.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s installment of managing association growth: Growth in Events!

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