Lots of people — including, likely, many of your members — just love to learn, so getting some buzz going about your online learning program should be pretty easy. But what about keeping your members-turned-learners engaged, and coming back for more?

And what about engaging the members who value learning, but have always found the act of actually doing it to be…a bit of a drag?

No matter what your online learning program looks like, keeping these three things in mind will help energize your learners:

Encourage learners to collaborate

Now I know what you’re thinking: this is a self-paced, online program for a REASON!

Yes, part of the idea behind an online learning program is to give your learners a self-guided experience that they can complete on their own time. But, building in opportunities for your learners to discuss what they’re learning — and even help each other along the way — will make the program ten times more enriching.

And it doesn’t have to be anything overly complicated. You could…

  • Create a Facebook group
  • Schedule in-person study sessions and brainstorms
  • Carve out a little time at the end of membership meetings for learners to gather

Whatever you do, give your learners a leg up and develop questions and conversational prompts to help guide discussions, no matter where they’re held!

Give learners something to look forward to

A certificate. Recognition at a meeting. A mention in the newsletter. Or heck, even a small prize or gift card — in one way or another, learners should be working toward something!

If your program is centered around a required certification or license for your industry then, well, you have this covered. But if it’s not, this is an opportunity to get creative on what they’d earn and how you’ll recognize learners in the long-run. Think of it as yet another refreshing touch that’ll delight members!

When you brainstorm with your team, ask yourselves: how does it tie into the program as a whole? What can we manage to execute on a large scale? What would learners value most?

Make it easy for learners to navigate and understand 

It’s hard to get excited about online learning if the user experience is just plain bad. In fact, if pages aren’t loading quickly and it’s tough to decipher exactly what they need to do, many learners will likely abandon the whole thing altogether.

It’s imperative that you structure courses and write descriptions in a way that makes it 100% clear what the learner should expect from start to finish. Equally important, is ensuring that any online tools you bring into the fold, like a learning management system, can handle your content while making it easy-to-use…for your learners and you, the administrator!

And hey…if you’re looking for that tool, or have one but aren’t happy with it, take a look at our solution, MC | LMS. It’s an approachable system that makes it easier for learners to advance through your programs — and it’s back by the same team you already know and love! Take a look: