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How to Create a Proposal That’ll Sell Website Advertising FAST

MemberClicks Avatar MemberClicks April 9, 2019
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Your association or chamber website is a hot commodity. People in your industry or community (not just members) visit your website looking for valuable information. And, between directory listings, banner ads, sponsorships, etc., there are a number of different ways advertisers can display their message.

So, you know that digital advertising is a great way to generate non-dues revenue…but you also know it can be time-consuming (on top of everything else on your plate). The trick to getting a quicker “yes” is showing your prospective advertisers the value of placement on your website right away. To do that, here are four things to include in your proposals:

1. Powerful website stats.

The numbers don’t lie! At the very least, potential advertisers will want to know, on average, how many visits your website gets each month. That number represents the number of times someone could see their message (aka, the number of times they could generate interest in their product or service). Other statistics they may be interested in are average unique visitors, time spent viewing, and visitor locations.

2. An overview of your audience.

Now, members will likely already know who their ads will be speaking to. But non-members may need a little help understanding just who your audience is made up of. Make that connection for them with a quick statement. For example:

  • “We serve [number of members] in the [industry or community] who need [potential advertiser’s product/service].”
  • “[Organization name] is a resource among [industry or community] who views us as experts in [give two or three examples] – and they need [potential advertiser’s product/service].”

3. A list of your advertising placements.

When it comes to banner ads, they’ll definitely want to know exactly where those could appear and in what size. (Usually, those placements are pretty set in stone.) Be sure to let them know where they can get a little creative, too. Do you have a blog? Maybe they’d like to write a guest post. How much traffic does your online directory get? Perhaps adding some bells and whistles to their listing would make viewers more likely to click it.

Pro tip: Consider including screenshots or examples with your list, so advertisers can visualize their message on your website.

4. How they’ll see a return on their investment.

After all, that’s what it’s all about, right? It would be hard for you to quantify it exactly, not knowing certain numbers on their end, but with a little quick math you can give them an idea of how many sales they would probably have to make in order to profit off their investment with your website – and, if you follow the first three steps, they should quickly see just how easy making those sales will be!

Hopefully, those little tricks help your potential advertisers immediately see the value of owning some real estate on your association’s website. Non-dues revenue is all about communicating the value of your association or chamber beyond membership. Is your organization struggling to raise extra funds? Download The Ultimate Guide to Non-dues Revenue to explore some more ideas.

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