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Helping Your Members On Their Job Search: 5 Benefits to Offer

MemberClicks Avatar MemberClicks May 11, 2021
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Let’s be real, the work involved in a job search feels like a job in itself.

Researching different opportunities, tailoring your resume to speak specifically to each position, writing cover letter after cover letter, preparing for interviews…it takes a lot of time.

However, as a well-connected and respected institution in its industry, field, or community, your organization is in a position to give members access to resources and tools that’ll help ease their load.

We came up with a few benefits you could offer to not help members with their job search, but engage them along the way, too! Consider which might be a good fit for your association or chamber:

1. Offer resume writing and LinkedIn workshops

Organizing experience, highlighting important metrics and milestones, and writing each section effectively are just a few things to focus on when it comes to resumes. (Not to mention, making ongoing updates as experience grows.) Consider


hosting resume-writing workshops, helping members work one-on-one with a mentor, and connecting them with other professional services.

Having an up-to-date and active LinkedIn profile is also important these days. Be sure to teach members how to translate their resume experience to this social media platform, and use it to make connections and grow their network.

2. Teach them proper cover letter strategy

Knowing how to write an effective cover letter is a skill that could put your members ahead of the competition. The key is showing them how to make strong connections between their experience and what the job posting is looking for. Encourage your members to do their research on the organization prior to writing their cover letter, too — it’ll be important to demonstrate how they can make an impact specific to the business they’re applying to work for.

3. Host mock interviews

This is a big one. Many people think they can just wing it an interview, but even if you’re good at them, it’s always best to prepare. Plan some mock interview opportunities where members can test their chops, whether it’s for a certain job or just to get some practice. Be sure to include opportunities to go over phone and Zoom interviews, too!

4. Provide a job search peer community

This could be a part of an existing group or an entirely new one, but consider the impact of gathering your members to talk about their job search efforts. Having an outlet to share ideas, discuss what’s worked, and even vent frustrations could make the difference in their confidence, motivation, and overall success.

5. Manage a regularly updated job board

Managing a job board directly on your association or chamber website is a huge service to any members on a job search. They’ll know they can rely on the positions you have listed to be vetted by the organization and that they won’t have to cut through the clutter of irrelevant opportunities like they would on larger boards. What’s better than directly connecting a member to their next opportunity?

In fact, hosting a job board provides value to employer members as well. There are even benefits to be had for your organization, too! Download our guide below to find out how to get started with creating value for EVERYONE through hosting a job board on your association or chamber website:

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