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Helping Your Members Get the Most Out of Their Membership: 3 Tips

MemberClicks Avatar MemberClicks January 25, 2021
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When it’s time for a member to renew, they typically think back on their most recent membership term, specifically, their benefits usage. Did they use enough benefits to justify the cost of membership? If they decide “no,” that could mean another dropped member at your association or chamber. 

Make it an easy “yes” for them by helping them along the way. Below are a few tips for helping your members get the most out of their membership:

1. Encourage them to bookmark key resources

What are the key benefits you want your members to take advantage of? Members-only content housed in your learning management system? Job listings posted on your association job board of chamber job board? Put together a list of key resources and encourage your members to bookmark those — from the moment they join! 

If those resources are handy (and better yet, in plain sight), your members are more likely to use them on a regular, more frequent basis.

2. Create and distribute a “Schedule at a Glance”

Even if your association or chamber doesn’t have the nitty gritty of your events sorted out (for example, you know you’ll host a networking breakfast in March, but you don’t yet know where it’ll be or who will speak), that’s ok…go ahead and create a 2021 Schedule at a Glance. 

Put together a one-pager of all of your events for the year and encourage your members to go ahead and mark their calendars. 

The Florida Society of Association Executives (FSAE) has their 2021 Schedule at a Glance front and center on the homepage of their membership website. 

FSAE Schedule At a Glance Example

See how even the messaging points to making the most of your membership?

3. Steer them toward conversations and connections 

Last but not least, where do a majority of your members interact? Does your organization use a particular hashtag on social media? (For example, the American Society of Association Executives uses the hashtag #ASAE — and they encourage their members to use it too!) Or, does your organization have a particularly active online social community?

Wherever conversations are happening and connections are being built, guide your members there. That’s a value add for your members that doesn’t require much extra work on your end. 

For more membership management tips and ideas, from membership recruitment and onboarding to membership engagement and retention, check out our Ultimate Guide to Membership Management below!

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