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10 Best Job Board Software Applications

Andrea Amorosi April 26, 2024
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It is no wonder job boards and human resource departments were early adopters of the internet. Classified ads in newspapers were (and are) some of the most expensive real estate in print. Print help wanted ads only reach those actively searching for employment. Both job seekers and employers were ready for a change and the internet and job boards provided it. Job boards and job board software changed the foundation of both finding a job and in how companies and organizations recruit.

What does this have to do with your membership-based organization? In this article, we will explore what modern job board software does and how it works. We will discover how add-on job board software can add value to your organization and your website. We will show how adding the right job board software to your association website can add to your non-dues revenue stream. Finally, we will take a look at 10 of the best options you have when selecting job board software.

What is Job Board Software?

Job board software serves to connect employers with job seekers digitally. Employers generally control their own postings that can ultimately be searched by applicants. Applicants can apply for specific jobs based on their interests and experience. Applicants can apply via a resume or through a one-time sign-up to provide their employment history information. They can then apply for open positions with a single click.

What does it do?

It allows employers to post and advertise current or anticipated job openings. The best software allow employers to control the content of their postings and can add, edit, and delete them as necessary. For job seekers, it allows them to search for job postings they may be qualified to apply for and digitally submit a resume or application. It allows employers to target qualified candidates and candidates to search for specific opportunities.

Why Add Job Board Software To Your Website?

There are a variety of solid reasons to add job board software to your member-based organization’s existing website.

You already have an existing website infrastructure in place and most likely have consistent web traffic. Your website also has probably earned its place on search engines and has a reputation within your industry.

Using job board software is an excellent way to maximize the value of your investment in your website.

Benefits of a job board:

  • Can Contribute to Additional Traffic
  • Adds Value to Your Organization
  • Elevates Your Brand
  • Increases Your Footprint in Your Industry
  • Provides an Outlet for Advertising Your Internal Employment Opportunities
  • Adds Sponsorship/Affiliate Marketing Opportunities
  • Can Create a Non-Dues Related Source of Income

Valuable Features To Look For

While some software applications are niched to specific industries, most are versatile enough to serve a wide range of organizations and businesses. While there are options and nuances to many online job posting choices, there are features that have more value than others. Here are some features you may want to search for when choosing a software.

  • Mobile Compatibility

Candidates are searching for employment opportunities from anywhere at anytime. This includes at their current place of employment. Most job searches are now done through mobile devices. Your job board software must be mobile accessible.

  • Easy Integration

Select software that can be easily integrated and put into use quickly. You want to add a valuable tool for members without increasing their workload and headaches.

  • Intuitive

You certainly want your job software to be innovative, but you don’t necessarily want to reinvent the wheel. You want a feature-filled application that is easy and intuitive to use for employers and job seekers.

  • Searchable

Searchability is crucial in a job board software. This is important for both employers and candidates.

  • SEO

Another critical feature of job fair software is its ability to perform on search engines. Look for software that can optimize its content.

  • Resume Storage

Employers never know when job openings may occur. This is when resume storage can be at its most valuable. It can also be a terrific feature to have when a hired candidate just doesn’t work out.

  • Pricing and Revenue Management

You will likely be glad you chose job board software that allows flexibility in pricing and posting options. This can allow you to offer member discounts for postings or even include free listings as a member benefit. It is also helpful to have software that can manage your job board income.

A List of Your 10 Best Job Board Software Choices

Are you considering adding one to your association’s website? Here are ten of the best options:

1. MemberClicks Job Board

MemberClicks is a leading membership management software solutions provider. MemberClicks Job Board add-on turns your organization’s website into a recruiting tool that offers value in multiple ways.

2. Careerleaf

CareerLeaf is a user-friendly job board software program that excels for its integration with social media. Careerleaf also receives accolades for being customizable.

3. SmartJobBoard

SmartJobBoard is noted for its ease of set up and management. The support team also routinely receives high marks as well.

4. NiceBoard

NiceBoard allows users to manage pricing, discounts, and billing. It has features like applicant tracking and resume posting. NiceBoard is a favorite among users and receives high ratings.

5. offers user a streamlined dashboard that is intuitive. The dashboard allows users to manage job listings, track applicants, and view revenue and payments in real time.

6. JobAdder

JobAdder is another highly-rated job posting software. Its reviews include comments like “easy-to-use”, “secure”, and “efficient”. It offers an “end-to-end” experience.

7. Getro

Getro is an automated job board and talent management system. It is particularly valuable for large volume users and networks. The software is versatile and gets high ratings from customers.

8. Oorwin

Oorwin can quickly determine which candidates are best qualified for positions in your listings. It does this through intelligent candidate rankings, automated resume harvesting, advanced search, and auto-taging.

9. JobMount

JobMount easily integrates with Indeed and has mobile application capabilities. They state that they offer applicants superior job notifications.

10. Jobcase

Jobcase states they can reach potential employees who aren’t on job boards. They also boast an extensive network offering employers access to more potential applicants. This software also excels at matching applicants with appropriate employment opportunities.


Most membership-based organizations and associations are in constant search of ways to add value to their memberships and to increase non-dues revenues. The challenge comes when these organizations already have their plates full.

MemberClicks software clears the path for more efficient member management and for adding features like a job board. MemberClicks Job Board software adds value in multiple ways:

  • Promotes Member Career Advancement
  • Provides a Vehicle for Employers to Recruit
  • Expands an Associations Foorprint
  • Improves Association Branding
  • Adds a Member Benefit through Free or Discounted Postings
  • Can Build a Non-Dues Revenue Stream

Our job board software is a seamless add-on to our software that provides solutions to managing a member-based organization. From processing new members to keeping members engaged, MemberClicks can do it all. To learn more about how you can add a job board to your association website, contact us now for a free demo.

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