Half the battle in event planning is event promotion. You need to get people in the door.

Now you’re likely sending plenty of emails, but are people reading those emails? Do you wish more would? Grab your members’ (and prospects’) attention with these catchy subject lines:

Before the event… 

  • [Event Name]: Dates & Location Announced!
  • And [Event Name] will be held in…
  • [Recipient’s Name], look who’s coming to [Event Name]
    • *Good opportunity to announce your keynote speaker
  • [Event Name] prices going – Last chance to save!
  • This is not a drill! 1 day left to save on [Event Name] registration!
  • Only 1 month left to save
  • [Recipient’s Name], have you SEEN this lineup?!
  • This is BIG. The [Event Name] agenda is here!
  • Learn from [Topic] expert [Speaker Name] at [Event Name]!
    • *Ex: Learn from financial expert, John Smith, at Conference ABC!

Don’t forget to play into holidays, as well. For example, if Halloween is coming up, consider a promo email with the subject line, “This week only – Scary good prices for [Event Name]!” Or if it’s St. Patrick’s Day, try something like, “Save some green with this 24-hour flash sale!”

The more relevant you can make your subject lines, the better your open rates, click-through rates, and registration rates are likely to be.

After the event…

  • Hey, remember when…[[Event Name] edition]
    • *Good opportunity to share pictures and videos (or link to your social media accounts where they’re posted)
  • [Event Name]: Tell us how we did!
  • Until we meet again…
    • *Thank your attendees for coming and encourage them to either save the date for next year or be on the lookout for more details (if you don’t have any yet)

Now the subject line is just one of the components of an engaging email. But aside from that, your email copy needs to be engaging too, so the more personality you can add, the better. Remember, you want to get people EXCITED for this event! And on that same note, if you can add pictures, gifs, and/or videos, that’ll help with engagement as well. (Who can resist a good gif?!)

Want more tips for promoting your upcoming event – via your website, email, social media, etc.? Check out our free guide below!