When new members join they’re super enthusiastic, excited, and gung-ho to launch their careers, and your association along with it. But after a few months the novelty has worn off and the member misses an event or two, then the engagement just drops off.

Don’t you wish you could bottle that energy from the first few weeks of membership? Maybe you can! Try the following seven tips and see if you can carry that energy longer!


1. Get to know him or her

Not only will learning about your new member show your interest and investment in them as a member and professional, but also gives you a valuable glimpse into their needs and desires!

 2. Ask for feedback

After the initial meet and greet or first event, find out what worked and what didn’t, what they liked and didn’t like. Capture their feedback when they’re honest and engaged!

 3. Offer opportunities to get involved

They want to get involved right now, and in a few months they may not have the time. So make those opportunities available! See who needs help in your committees and event planning, and then make those connections!

 4. Introduce him or her around

While you’re finding some place for your new member to get involved, introduce him or her around. Facilitate connections in your AMS and on social media as well as through email and in person. In some cases, you may be able to pass the baton of introductions and involvement to another committee leader!

 5. Follow up

After a little while, check in with your new member. Are they still engaged? What did they like and dislike about the association and their involvement so far? How about the events?

 6. Let them know you got their back

Show your support by actively listening to feedback and considering his or her new ideas. Even if they’re not exactly what your association needs or can pull of at the moment, offer some sincere thoughts and kind constructive criticism. Being heard is a big deal to everyone, but particularly younger emerging professionals!

 7. Try different kinds of communication

Email is likely the norm, but is texting more direct? How about reaching out through social media? You could always try messaging through your AMS. What’s convenient for one member may be annoying for another; what one member overlooks may be a daily must-see for another. Take the opportunity to experiment with communication when it comes to an engaged new member.

Member Engagement is a constant point of interest for small staff association leaders, and the most direct way to tackle it is to make other members ambassadors for engagement. Get them enthusiastic about your association, and they’ll spread the love!

For more information on member engagement, download our free guide! It’s chock-full of engagement ideas and ways to keep your members coming back for more.