association learning management system

Post originally published on January 15, 2019; Edited with updates and for clarification.

We’re willing to bet that your association has educational resources you’d like to share in an easy, organized, and professional way with your members and industry stakeholders. The tough part is finding a seamless solution for hosting and delivering that information. (Not to mention, keeping track of who’s viewed what.)

That’s where a Learning Management System, or LMS, comes in. An LMS is a software solution that will house all of your resources in one place, giving specific access to different groups. An LMS is a no-brainer addition to any association, but here are five important things you’ll want in yours:

1. An exceptional user experience for learners and admin (aka, you!)

Ideally, your LMS will make it easy for the learner to quickly navigate to their desired content. (And, all of that content should load quickly, too.) Also, make sure your LMS can be designed with your organization’s branding, or similar.  You want your learners to be confident that they’re in the right place when they’ve reached your content.

Equally important is the user experience for you, the administrator! A good LMS makes it easy to manage content, learner profiles, certificates, etc. so you can spend more time creating, developing, and delivering that great content.

2. A way to track learners’ efforts

A great LMS will go beyond simply hosting your resources and actually monitor how each individual learner interacts with each piece of content. If continuing education is an important part of your mission and your industry, this is a MUST for your LMS! Look for a solution that allows you to share course outlines, test learners’ knowledge, provide certificates, control permissions on the backend, and, of course, track continuing education units (CEUs).

3. The ability to differentiate between members and non-members

This is key for an LMS solution, for a couple of reasons. For one, separating these two groups means you can offer free content access as a member benefit. More benefits means more member satisfaction, plus another thing to talk to your prospective members about!

That said, offering LMS access as a member benefit also allows you to offer it to non-members for a fee. Hello, new non-dues revenue stream! Managed wisely, an LMS could ultimately pay for itself.

4. Robust content library capabilities

Videos, MP3s, eBooks – oh, my! It’s likely that you have a few different types of resources. Find an LMS that can host everything – even things you may not have experimented with yet so you know you’re all set for future endeavors!

You’ll also want to make sure your entire library can be managed easily and intuitively. After all, that’s why you want to use an LMS in the first place! Being able to create custom content packages, assign content to multiple areas/lessons, and quickly upload content are all things to look for.

5. Superb customer service

As with any software solution, you want an LMS that’s backed by a supportive, knowledgeable, friendly team. When shopping for an LMS, consider asking about how the provider handles onboarding, support, and training needs (if that information isn’t available up front).

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