During my day to day on the MemberClicks Maximization Team, I regularly hear from my Small Staff clients that their members are hesitant, yet curious, about social media – really, the idea of engagement in general. Oftentimes those organizations who have been with their AMS for 2-3 years are at a good pause point where it’s time to start thinking beyond the basic capabilities of the platform they’re using and to start digging into those ‘icing on the cake’ features that are tough to focus on as you’re just learning a new solution. Around that point, the concept of member engagement starts to have a higher visible value, and may become a topic of interest among the organization’s leadership.

Here are four tips to get you started.

1. Designate one admin who will answer posts that have gone unresponded to.

Remember to reward members who do post – the worst thing you can do for your social community is leave questions without answers on forums of a technical or ‘Q&A’ nature.

Small Staff Tip: To make sure all questions are answered, select a few members who utilize the forum heavily and ask for their help answering new posts!

2. Post seed questions in the social community during the implementation phase, and during slowdowns in activity.

Continue to nurture your social community or forum with questions from active participants – questions posted by moderators can help generate activity and momentum!

Small Staff Tip: Not sure what type of seed questions to post? Start with some of the FAQs you hear from your members.

3. Make sure important people in your organization are using the feature to increase credibility.

Leadership buy-in plays a huge role in the success of a new feature among members, so creating enthusiasm from the top down means a larger vested interest in a tool’s success.

Small Staff Tip: Whether it’s a rewards program or a new social community, check out this post on Engagement Ambassadors for more tips to help your organization’s decision makers see the value in member engagement.

4. Encourage users without profile photos to add them.

No one wants to respond to someone who doesn’t have a profile photo – seeing the face on the other end of the screen can really push some members to engage. Give your members the tools they need to engage by creating a short step-by-step process on how to add a profile photo and add it to your next newsletter!

Small Staff Tip: Find out if your AMS provides any marketing materials to help ‘teach’ your members. MemberClicks customer? Check out resources from the MemberClicks team here.