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3 Reasons Why Your Website is Your Best Membership Growth Tool

MemberClicks Avatar MemberClicks March 5, 2019
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why your website is your best membership growth tool

There’s a lot that your association or chamber does to grow its membership: You host events, you send emails, you make phone calls. But what if I told you that your best tool for membership growth…is your website?

You know you NEED a website, but it’s pretty important that you keep it in tip top shape to be viewed by prospective members. Here’s why:

1. It showcases your benefits, your members, your events…

What’s the first thing YOU do when you’re researching a new product or service? Like most, you probably hit the web and start looking at company websites. It’s the natural first step these days – and you best believe your prospective members are doing their research, too!

But, if the things that show what it’s like to be a member – your benefits package(s), member testimonials, events calendar and pictures, etc. – aren’t constantly maintained, they’ll be left to assume and may get the wrong impression.

2. It hosts your resources and your online membership application

Or if it doesn’t, it should! With some resources available on your website, you can drive prospective members to it with the promise that they’ll get something of value. And, when they see there’s more value to be had, they’ll be back! (That’s a little inbound marketing 101 for you.)

What’s more is, getting prospective members to your website and giving them a good experience is imperative to getting them to fill out that online membership application!

3. You can track visitor (aka, prospective member) behavior

With a tool like Google Analytics, it’s easy to see how website visitors are engaging with your website. You can use this data not only to discover where your website could use a little improvement, but also to learn more about what’s important to those visitors…and then help them get it!

Better yet, if your website integrates with your MemberClicks software, your site will be linked to your organization’s database. That means when a prospect fills out a form, they will automatically be added to your organization’s database. How easy is that?!

If your website ISN’T integrated with your database, you could use some help with updates, or you need a complete overhaul (best practice is every three years) – we’ll get you sorted out with our Premium Website solution! We’re proud to offer websites that are easy-to-edit, function as they should, and have modern designs that look dang good:

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