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Why Conscious Inclusion Matters

mission: possible by Personify

Watch a special edition of our Mission: Possible webinar series called “Why Conscious Inclusion Matters." During this special webinar, Maunda Land, MBA, CMP, CAE, President and CEO of LAND Consultants LLC and DEI consultant to ASAE, and Scott Collison, president and CEO of Personify, will have an open discussion about why conscious inclusion matters to our communities, what conscious inclusion looks like, and how associations and organizations of all kinds can take positive steps on their journey to create a more inclusive environment for their board, staff, members and partners. In this important discussion, we’ll touch on ways that you can further conscious inclusion in your organization though actions like:

  • Planning for progress through intentional communication and strategies
  • Real-life examples and lessons learned
  • Creating opportunities through an inclusive culture for underserved supporters

Featured Speakers

Maunda Land Maunda Land, MBA, CMP, CAE President and CEO of LAND Consultants LLC and DEI consultant to ASAE Maunda Land, MBA, CMP, CAE, is President and CEO of LAND Consultants LLC a firm dedicated to assist association and non-profit professionals with leadership development. Maunda has over 15 years of leadership experience in association and non-profit management, including roles as the Chief Member Engagement Officer at the Florida Institute of CPAs, the Director of Membership Engagement, Diversity & Student Programs at The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), and Vice President, Professional Development at the Michigan Association of Insurance Agents. In 2022, Land Consultants LLC developed ASAE’s Conscious Inclusion Business Strategy. Currently, Maunda serves as ASAE’s Conscious Inclusion Consultant and leads the association’s DEI initiatives. Maunda holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies and Applications from Michigan State University and an Executive MBA degree from the University of Central Florida. She is a Certified Meeting Professional, a Certified Association Executive and a 2013-2015 Diversity Executive Leadership Program Scholar with the American Society of Association Executives. Outside of work, Maunda enjoys traveling around the world with her husband Bill. Scott Collison President and CEO of Personify Scott is the CEO of Personify, the leading technology provider to associations and non-profits. He also works with a variety of companies and organizations as a board member, investor and advisor. He has held a variety of executive positions at VMware,, Microsoft and SourceForge as well as startups like Signio, which was acquired by VeriSign in 1999 in a transaction in excess of $1 billion. Scott earned a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley and a B.A (Special Honors) from the University of Texas, Austin. Scott is a former Fulbright scholar.