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Getting the Most Out of Your Chamber’s Online Directory

Increase member value and add streams of non-dues revenue with some pointers from our free guide about how to better use your online directory.

Your chamber's directory has always been a major benefit to membership.

A listing means endorsement for their business from a leader in the community (aka, you!), exposure to the rest of your membership, and leads, leads, leads!

But now that your directory can be displayed online, there is more opportunity than ever before to provide additional value to members (and get a little value yourself in the form of non-dues revenue).

In this guide, we’ll uncover ways your chamber can get more out of its online directory, including:

  • How to easily demonstrate referrals and value on investment (VOI) to members
  • Ways to build levels of value throughout the directory
  • A trick for finding quality prospective members
  • And more!