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Salon & Spa Professional Association – MC | LMS

How one association administers thousands of certifications (and earns thousands in non-dues revenue) each year

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Education is at the core of membership with the Salon & Spa Professional Association (SSPA). You see, most states require some level of continued education in order for salon and spa professionals to maintain their licenses. (And in Minnesota alone, where SSPA is headquartered, there are over 30k licensees. Talk about a captive audience!)

Needless to say, SSPA realized years ago that in order to remain competitive and be the source of education for the entire industry, they would need a learning management system that could handle a variety of programs for thousands of learners.

Salon Spa Professional Association members holding personalized mugs

They signed onto a revenue share agreement with one LMS provider in 2014 — but, when Executive Director Susan Brinkhaus learned that MemberClicks would be launching an LMS specifically with affordability for associations in mind, she knew she had to explore it.

Since making the switch to MC | LMS at the end of May 2019, SSPA has made about $19k in non-dues revenue selling LMS courses. (That’s less than 6 months from the time of this publication. And they get to keep 100% of that.)

As if the cost-savings aren’t enough, the SSPA team has a much easier time administering their various programs through MC | LMS, too. As early adopters of the platform, they’ve had a real voice in product development and have seen a lot of the enhancements they’ve asked for come to life:

“I like the new dashboard and reporting,” said Susan. “Being able to get in there, look at people and see what they’re doing. It’s nice having more control than we did with the previous LMS we used.”

It’s nice having more control than we did with the previous LMS we used.

The single-sign-on between MC Professional — their MemberClicks AMS — and MC | LMS has also given SSPA more leverage for recruiting more members. The SSO allows them to easily administer member-only pricing and display those options when learners pay for courses. Just since May 2019, SSPA has had six new members join specifically to take advantage of the member price for continued education.

Lower cost. A true partner in your mission. Easy for administrators. A member recruitment tool. Sounds like MC | LMS checks off all the boxes for SSPA!

Susan and the SSPA team are looking forward to adding more courses in 2020, and even building a post-course survey so they can gather learner feedback at the end of each course.