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Case Studies

Simplifying Daily Tasks and Engaging Members with MemberClicks and Classroom LMS

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The Florida Society of Association Executives (FSAE) is focused on helping association professionals grow, learn and thrive with the unique challenges that people in the association world face. FSAE logo

A lasting partnership

When they joined the MemberClicks family in 2015, they needed an all-in-one association management system (AMS) that would empower them to really support their members. MC Professional became their top choice because of the interconnected membership database, email communication system and beautiful member-facing platform. When we chatted with them in 2018 we learned a lot about how easy it was to move to MemberClicks and get their software up and running. Today, they continue to use MC Professional, adding on new features and other Personify products to help them engage with their members and encourage continual learning.

New product features that help associations grow

For 7 years, FSAE has grown with MemberClicks. “[MC Professional] is always enhancing and adding new features, based on what customers are saying and asking for. I had a laundry list of items that I wanted and all but maybe one has been built.” says Hester Ndoja, Vice President, Membership and Development at FSAE. “I spoke with the [MemberClicks] Customer Success team and shared some of my wants and most were already on the product roadmap and have been built since.” Book a demo call to action for FSAE software

Adding on other integrated MemberClicks and Personify products

FSAE has been using a few of MemberClicks and Personify products, including:
  • MC Professional as their main association management system
  • Review Panel to review submissions, applications and awards
  • Event Microsite to promote and manage their events
Back in December 2021, they added on Classroom learning management system (LMS) and have since launched their on-demand member learning system.

Classroom LMS

Here’s what Adrian Amos-Honderick, Director of Marketing & Communications for FSAE had to say about Classroom LMS: “The usability is much smoother for our members. Because it integrates with our AMS, they only need one login which is a great feature. Our members now know how to find their programs. Since we’ve swapped from our previous LMS, we haven’t heard anything from our members, which is great because that means they find it easy to use and don’t have any questions.”

Review Panel

The MemberClicks Review Panel simplifies the process of collecting submissions for papers, speakers, sponsors, awards and more. With this tool, you can collect submissions, store their data, collaborate online to review all submissions in one place and make an informed decision independently or as a team. For FSAE, it’s changed submission review forever. “Our members like it so much more because it’s easier to use, read and digest than any other program we’ve used. We’re able to assign specific things to people without needing a spreadsheet. We tried it for our call for speaker presentations and it worked perfectly.

“We are never going back.”


Why FSAE loves MemberClicks

When we asked Hester and Adrian what their favorite feature is of MC Professional and other Personify products, they had no trouble naming a few. The automatic membership renewal reminders were top of the list. Set renewals based on dates and types of memberships and you can customize messaging to help increase renewal rates. “With our last system, we had to manually pull renewal lists and send messages so the automatic reminders is a huge time saver.” Another feature of the MC Professional AMS that Adrian highlighted is how articles can be saved, archived, duplicated and reused. “I can copy an existing article and update it as needed without needed to replace the old piece. I’ve got all our old webpages stored in the back end with this feature which has become an internal database of everything we’ve ever marketed or published. Having the historical content data easily accessible saves me so much time because I don’t have to store it outside of the database and I can easily reference past communications.” This feature exists with forms, too. Hester spoke to how she can duplicate and save forms to reuse them without needing to make a new one from scratch.

An AMS to stick with

Overall, FSAE has loved working with the MemberClicks team, and we've loved working with them! If you're looking to upgrade your membership management experience, book a chat with us! We'd love to see if MemberClicks is a good fit for you.