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Case Studies

Florida Festivals and Events Association – Conference App

How an association exclusively for event planners handles their own major annual convention

If there’s pressure for anyone to put on a successful event, it’s the Florida Festivals and Events Association, or FFEA for short. After all, their members and attendees are all event planners! So when FFEA had to seek out a conference app for their 24th Annual Convention and Tradeshow, they knew it had to be something great. Fortunately, MemberClicks’ Conference App fit the bill. Florida Festival and Events Association logo “We were beyond thrilled with the functionality of the app, especially at that price point,” said Suzanne Neve, CEO of FFEA. “It did everything our old app used to do, plus more!” For example, with MemberClicks’ Conference App, an added benefit was how it integrated with their MemberClicks association management system. So whenever anyone registered online for the event, their information was automatically added to the attendee list in the app. (This was something FFEA had to do manually before.) Another added benefit of MemberClicks’ Conference App was the content protection feature. With their old app, the content inside could be accessed by anyone who downloaded the app. But with MemberClicks’ Conference App, though anyone could download the app, only people who’d registered for the conference could actually access the information inside. (This was important as speaker presentations were uploaded there.)
When event planners ask what conference app you’re using, that’s when you know you have a good product.
Overall, the feedback FFEA received from both exhibitors and members was positive. “We actually had several members ask who our app provider was,” said Neve. “Keep in mind, our members are event planners. When event planners ask what conference app you’re using, that’s when you know you have a good product.” FFEA is excited to use MemberClicks’ Conference App for more events in the future, and they expect the adoption rate - among both members and exhibitors - to continue to rise.